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TREATIES In ships in which the voyage exceeds one week practice musters of passengers should be held at an early period of each voyage. Different groups of boats shall be used in turn at successive boat drills. The drills and inspections shall be so arranged that the crew thoroughly understand and are practised in the duties they have to perform, and that all lifesaving appliances with the gear appertaining to them are always ready for immediate use. The emergency signal for summoning passengers to muster stations shall be a succession of more than six short blasts followed by one long blast on the whistle or syren. This shall be supplemented on all ships except those engaged in short international voyages by other electrically operated signals throughout the ship controlled from the bridge. The meaning of all signals affecting passengers shall be clearly stated in different languages on cards posted in their cabins and in other passenger quarters. Safety of Naviga- tion. Transmission of in- formation. Ante, p. 1160. Information re- quired. SAFETY OF NAVIGATION. REGULATION XLVI. Transmission of Information. The transmission of information regarding ice, derelicts, tropical storms or any other direct danger to navigation is obligatory. The form in which the information is sent is not obligatory. It may be transmitted either in plain language (preferably English) or by means of the International Code of Signals (Wireless Telegraphy Section). It should be issued CQ to all ships, and should also be sent to the first point of the coast to which communication can be made with a request that it be transmitted to the appropriate authority. All messages issued under Article 34 of the present Convention will be preceded by the safety signal TTT followed by an indication of the nature of the danger, thus: TTT Ice; TTT Derelict; TTT Storm; TTT Navigation. Information Required. The following information is desired, the time in all cases being Greenwich Mean Time:- (a.) Ice, Derelicts and other Direct Dangers to Navigation. (1) the kind of ice, derelict or danger observed; (2) the position of the ice, derelict or danger when last observed; (3) the time and date when the observation was made. 1264