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1282 TREATIES (c.) The vessels referred to in this Article, when not making way through the water, shall not carry the side-lights, but when making way shall carry them. (d.) The lights and shapes required to be shown by this Article are to be taken by other vessels as signals that the vessel showing them is not under command and cannot therefore get out of the way. These signals are not signals of vessels in distress and requiring assistance. Such signals are contained in Article 31. ARTICLE 5. A sailing vessel under way, and any vessel being towed, shall carry the same lights as are prescribed by Article 2 for a steam vessel under way, with the exception of the white lights mentioned therein, which they shall never carry. ARTICLE 6. Whenever, as in the case of small vessels under way during bad weather, the green and red side lights cannot be fixed, these lights shall be kept at hand lighted and ready for use; and shall, on the approach of or to other vessels, be exhibited on their respective sides in sufficient time to prevent collision, in such manner as to make them most visible, and so that the green light shall not be seen on the port side nor the red light on the starboard side, nor, if practicable, more than 2 points abaft the beam on their respective sides. To make the use of these portable lights more certain and easy, the lanterns containing them shall each be painted outside with the colour of the light they respectively contain, and shall be provided with proper screens. ARTICLE 7. Steam vessels of less than 40, and vessels under oars or sails of less than 20, tons gross tonnage, respectively, and rowing boats, when under way, shall not be ebliged required to carry the lights mentioned in Article 2 (e), (b) end (e), but if they do not carry them they shall be provided with the following lights:- 1. Steam vessels of less than 40 tons shall carry: (a.) In the fore part of the vessel, or on or in front of the funnel, where it can best be seen, and at a height above the gunwale of not less than 9 feet, a bright white light constructed and fixed as pre- scribed in Article 2 (a), and of such a character as to be visible at a distance of at least 3 3 miles. (b.) Green and red side-lights constructed and fixed as prescribed in Article 2 (b) end (e), (d) and (e), and of such a character as to be