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MULTILATERAL- MILITARY OBLIGATIONS-APRIL 12, 1930 PROTOCOL RELATING TO MILITARY OBLIGATIONS IN CERTAIN CASES OF DOUBLE NATIONALITY. THE UNDERSIGNED PLENIPOTENTIARIES, on behalf of their respective Governments, With a view to determining in certain cases the position as regards their military obligations of persons possessing two or more nationalities, HAVE AGREED AS FOLLOWS: Article 1. A person possessing two or more nationalities who habitually resides in one of the countries whose nationality he possesses, and who is in fact most closely connected with that country, shall be exempt from all military obligations in the other country or countries. This exemption may involve the loss of the nationality of the other country or countries. Article 2. Without prejudice to the provisions of Article 1 of the present Protocol, if a person possesses the nationality of two or more States and, under the law of any one of such States, has the right, on attaining his majority, to renounce or decline the nationality of that State, he shall be exempt from military service in such State during his minority. Article 3. A person who has lost the nationality of a State under the law of that State and has acquired another nationality, shall be exempt from military obligations in the State of which he has lost the nationality. Article 4. The High Contracting Parties agree to apply the principles and rules contained in the preceding articles in their relations with each other, as from the date of the entry into force of the present Protocol. The inclusion of the above-mentioned principles and rules in the said articles shall in no way be deemed to prejudice the question whether they do or do not already form part of international law. It is understood that, in so far as any point is not covered by any of the provisions of the preceding articles, the existing principles and rules of international law shall remain in force. Article 5. Nothing in the present Protocol shall affect the provisions of any treaty, convention or agreement in force between any of the High Contracting Parties relating to nationality or matters connected therewith. Military obligations in certain cases of double nationality. Exemption, except in country where per- son habitually resides. Loss of nationality in other country. Renunciation, etc. Loss of nationality under one State and acquisition in another. Mutual application of principles on entry into force of Protocol. Inclusion of, not to prejudice interna- tional law. Existing treaty, etc., provisions not af- fected. 1319