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MULTILATERAL-NAVAL ARMAMENT- -MARCH 25, 1936 Article 26 (1) If the requirements of the national security of any High Con- nDe'arpturfr' m " an tracting Party should, in His opinion, be materially affected by any strtiosn,cetc.u rif national security re- change of circumstances, other than those provided for in Articles t, pp . 1373q Ante, pp. 1373, 1385 , 6 (2), 24 and 25 of the present Treaty, such High Contracting Party 1387. shall have the right to depart for the current year from His Annual Programmes of construction and declarations of acquisition. The amount of construction by any Party to the Treaty, within the limi- tations and restrictions thereof, shall not, however, constitute a change of circumstances for the purposes of the present Article. The above mentioned right shall be exercised in accordance with the following provisions:- (2) Such High Contracting Party shall, if He desires to exercise the above mentioned right, notify all the other High Contracting Parties to that effect, stating in what respects He proposes to depart from His Annual Programmes of construction and declarations of acqui- sition, giving reasons for the proposed departure. (3) The High Contracting Parties will thereupon consult together with a view to agreement as to whether any departures are necessary in order to meet the situation. (4) On the expiration of a period of three months from the date of the first of any notifications which may have been given under paragraph (2) above, each of the High Contracting Parties shall, subject to any agreement which may have been reached to the con- trary, be entitled to depart from His Annual Programmes of con- struction and declarations of acquisition, provided notice is promptly given to the other High Contracting Parties stating precisely in what respects He proposes so to depart. (5) In such event, no delay in the acquisition, the laying of the keel, or the altering of any vessel shall be necessary by reason of any of the provisions of Part III of the present Treaty. The par- ticulars mentioned in Article 12 (b) shall, however, be communicated to all the other High Contracting Parties before the keels of any vessels are laid. In the case of acquisition, information relating to the vessel shall be given under the provisions of Article 14. Part V Part V. FINAL CLAUSES Final clauses. Article 27 The present Treaty shall remain in force until the 31st December, Duration. 1942. Article 28 (1) His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom of Great Conferene' toflae8 Britain and Northern Ireland will, during the last quarter of 1940, initiate through the diplomatic channel a consultation between the Governments of the Parties to the present Treaty with a view to 1389