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INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES December18, 1936 Parcel post agreement between the United States of America and January5, 1937 Gibraltar with regulations of execution. Signed at Gibraltar, December 18, 1936, at Washington, January5, 1937; approved by the President, January 13, 1937. AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE POSTAL ADMINISTRATION OF GIBRALTAR AND THE POSTAL ADMINISTRATION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CONCERNING THE EXCHANGE OF PARCEL POST. Parcel post agree- ment with Gibraltar. Object. The undersigned, for and on behalf of the Postal Administrations of the United States of America and Gibraltar (which are herein- after severally referred to as "Postal Administration" or as "Ad- ministration") provided with full powers by their respective govern- ments, have by mutual consent drawn up and agree to be bound by the following Agreement: ARTICLE I. Object of the Agreement. Territoryembraced. Between the United States of America (including Alaska, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam, Samoa, and Hawaii) on one hand, and Gibraltar on the other hand, there may be exchanged, under the denomination of parcel post, parcels up to the maximum weight and ost, p. 1498. the maximum dimensions indicated in the Regulations of Execution. ARTICLE II. Transit parcels. Rights guaranteed. Notices. Intermediate Ad- ministration, require- ments. Postage and fees. Collection, from sender. Transit Parcels. 1. Each Postal Administration guarantees the right of transit through its service, to or from any country with which it has parcel post communication, of parcels originating in or addressed for deliv- ery in the service of the other contracting Administration. 2. Each Postal Administration shall inform the other to which countries parcels may be sent through it as intermediary, and the amount of the charges due to it therefor, as well as other conditions. 3. To be accepted for onward transmission, parcels sent by one of the contracting Administrations through the service of the other Administration must comply with the conditions prescribed from time to time by the intermediate Administration. ARTICLE III. Prepayment of Postage and Fees. 1. The Administration of origin is entitled to collect from the sender of each parcel the postage and the fees for requests for infor- mation as to the disposal of a parcel made after it has been posted, 1488