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GIBRALTAR-PARCEL POST AGREEMENTDeJa 18,1936 Jan.5,1937 ARTICLE XIII. Repayment of Compensation. 1. The Administration responsible for the loss, rifling, or damage, and on whose account the payment is effected, is bound to repay the amount of the indemnity to the country which has effected the pay- ment. This reimbursement must take place without delay, and at the latest within the period of nine months after notification of payment. 2. These repayments to the creditor country must be made without expense for that office, by money order or draft, in money valid in the creditor country or in any other way to be agreed upon mutually by correspondence. 3. The reimbursement of the indemnities must be effected on the basis of gold money. ARTICLE XIV. Fee for Customs Clearance. The office of delivery may collect from the addressee either in respect of delivery to the Customs and clearance through the Cus- toms or in respect of delivery to the Customs only, a fee not exceeding 50 centimes gold per parcel. ARTICLE XV. Delivery to the Addressee. Fee for Delivery at the Place of Address. Parcels are delivered to the addressees as quickly as possible in accordance with the conditions in force in the country of destina- tion. This country may collect in respect of delivery of parcels to the addressee a fee not exceeding 50 centimes gold per parcel. The same fee may be charged, if the case arises, for each presentation after the first at the addressee's residence or place of business. ARTICLE XVI. Warehousing Charges. 1493 Repayment to coun- try paying. Customs clearance. Fee. Delivery to ad- dressee. Fee. The country of destination is authorized to collect the warehous- wareho us ing ing charge fixed by its legislation for parcels addressed "General char. Delivery' or which are not claimed within the prescribed period. This charge may in no case exceed five francs gold. ARriLE XVII. Customs Charges. The parcels are subject to all customs laws and regulations in force in the country of destination. The duties collectible on that account are collected from the addressee on delivery of the parcel in accordance with the customs regulations. Customs charges. ARTICLE XVIII. Customs Charges to be Cancelled. The customs charges on parcels sent back to the country of origin cancelation. it re- or redirected to another country shall be cancelled both in Gibraltar tumedorredited and in the United States of America.