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GIBRALTAR-PARCEL POST AGREEMENT De- 8 ' 1936 Jan. 5, 1937 ARTICLE XXVIII. Temporary Suspension of Service. In extraordinary circumstances such. as will justify the measure, either Administration may temporarily suspend the parcel-post serv- ice, either entirely or partially, or restrict it to certain offices, on con- dition of giving immediate notice, if necessary by telegraph, to the other Administration. ARTICLE XXIX. Matters not Provided for in the Present Agreement. 1. Unless they are provided for in the present Agreement, all questions concerning requests for recall or change of address of parcels and the obtaining and disposition of return receipts and settlement of indemnity claims in connection with insured parcels shall be treated in accordance with the provisions of the Universal Postal Convention and its Regulations of Execution, in so far as they are applicable and are not contrary to the forgoing 1 provisions. If the case is not provided for at all, the domestic legislation of the United States of America or of Gibraltar or the decisions made by one country or the other, are applicable in the respective country. 2. The details relative to the application of the present Agree- ment will be fixed by the two Administrations in Regulations of Execution, the provisions of which may be modified or completed by common consent by way of correspondence. A similar agreement through correspondence may be made with a view to the exchange of collect-on-delivery parcels. 3. The two Administrations notify each other mutually of their laws, ordinances and tariffs concerning the exchange of parcel post, as well as of all modifications in rates which may be subsequently made. ARTIcLE XXX. Duration of the Agreement. 1. This Agreement substitutes and abrogates the Parcel Post Agreement signed at Washington, January 8, 1915 and at Gibraltar, December 7 1914. 2. It shall become effective on January 1, 1937. 3. It shall remain in effect as long as it has not been terminated six months in advance by one or the other of the two Administrations. Done in duplicate and signed at Washington, the 5 th day of January 1937, and at Gibraltar, the 18 t h day of December 1936. [SEAL] JAMES A FARLEY, The Postmaster General of the United States of America. A. MCCORMICK, The Colonial Postmaster, Gibraltar. The foregoing Agreement between the United States of America and Gibraltar for the exchange of parcels by parcel post has been negotiated and concluded with my advice and consent and is hereby approved and ratified. In testimony whereof I have caused the seal of the United States to be hereunto affixed. [SEAL] FRANKLIN D ROOSEVELT By the President: R. WALTON MOORE Acting Secretary of State. WASHINGTON, January 13, 1937. So in original. 125151° -3 7-PT II- --37 1497 Temporary suspen- sion of service. Matters not pro- vided for. Application of Uni- versal Postal Conven- tion, etc. 49 Stat. 2741. Further provisions. Details to be fixed by common consent. Mutual notice of ap- plicable provisions, etc. Former agreement abrogated. 38 Stat. 1877. Effective date. Duration. Signaturee. Approval by the President.