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Dec. 18, 1936 GIBRALTAR-PARCEL POST AGREEMENT- Janl 8 .,19 The Customs Administration of the country of destination is au- thorized to open the parcels. To that end, the seals or any other fastenings may be broken. Parcels opened by the Customs must be refastened and also officially resealed. 3. Each insured parcel must bear on the address side an insurance number and must bear a label with the words "Insured" or "Valeur declare". 4. For insured parcels, the amount of insured value must appear on the parcel in the currency of the country of origin, in Roman characters written in full and in Arabic figures. Also, the exact weight of each parcel in pounds and ounces must be entered by the Administration of origin (a) on the address side of the parcel and (b) on the customs declaration in the place reserved for this purpose. 5. The labels or postage stamps affixed to insured parcels must be spaced so that they cannot serve to conceal injuries to the packing. Neither may they be folded over two faces of the wrapping so as to cover the edge. 6. Liquids and easily liquefiable substances must be sent in a double receptacle. Between the first (bottle, flask, box, etc.) and the second (box of metal, strong wood, or strong carton of fiberboard, or recep- tacle of equal strength), there must be left a space to be filled with sawdust, bran or other absorbent material, in sufficient quantity to absorb all the liquid in case that the receptacle is broken. 7. Powders and dyes in powder form must be packed in strong boxes of tin or other metal, which, after soldering, must be placed in turn in substantial outer covers in such a way as to avoid all damage to other articles. ARTICLE 3. Customs Declarations. 1. The sender shall prepare one customs declaration for each parcel sent from either country, upon a special form provided for the pur- pose by the country of origin. The customs declaration shall give a general description of the parcel, an accurate statement in detail of its contents and value, date of mailing, gross and net weight, the sender's name and address, and the name and address of the addressee, and shall be securely attached to the parcel. However, as an exception to the foregoing the use of only one customs declaration may be allowed for a single consignment of any number of uninsured parcels sent by the same sender to the same ad- dressee at the same time. In this case the customs declaration shall show, in addition to the particulars set forth in the preceding para- graph, the total number of parcels comprising the shipment, and shall be securely attached to one of the parcels. The parcels comprising the entire shipment shall be clearly marked in such case with a fractional number, the numerator of which will indicate, in Arabic figures, the number of the parcel, and the denominator the number of parcels comprising the shipment; for example if a single shipment were composed of 15 parcels, each parcel would be numbered, respectively, 1/15, 2/15, 3/15, etc. 2. The Administrations accept no responsibility for the correctness of the customs declarations. 1499 Customs declara- tions.