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Return receipts. Receptacles. Method of ex- ehange of parcels. Billing of parcels. INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES ARTICLE 4. Return Receipts. 1. As to a parcel for which a return receipt is asked, the office of origin places on the parcel the letters or words "A. R." or "Return receipt requested". The office of origin or any other office appointed by the dispatching Administration shall fill out a return receipt form and attach it to the parcel. If the form does not reach the office of destination, that office makes out a duplicate. 2. The office of destination, after having duly filled out the return receipt form, returns it free of postage to the address of the sender of the parcel. 3. When the sender applies for a return receipt after a parcel has been mailed, the office of origin duly fills out a return receipt form and attaches it to a form of inquiry which is entered with the details concerning the transmission of the parcel and then forwards it to the office of destination of the parcel. In the case of the due delivery of the parcel, the office of destination withdraws the inquiry form, and the return receipt is treated in the manner prescribed in the foregoing Section. ARTICLE 5. Receptacles. 1. The Postal Administrations of the two contracting countries shall provide the respective bags necessary for the dispatch of their parcels and each bag shall be marked to show the name of the office or country to which it belongs. 2. Bags must be returned empty to the dispatching office by the next mail. Empty bags to be returned are made up in bundles of ten, enclosing nine bags in one. The total number of bags returned shall be entered on the relative parcel bills. 3. In case ten percent of the total number of bags used during the year have not been returned, the value of the missing bags must be repaid to the Administration of origin. ARTICLE 6. Method of Exchange of Parcels. 1. The parcels shall be exchanged, in sacks duly fastened and sealed, by the Offices appointed by agreement between the two Ad- ministrations, and shall be dispatched to the country of destination by the country of origin at its cost and by such means as it provides. 2. Insured parcels shall be enclosed in separate sacks from those in which ordinary parcels are contained, and the labels of sacks containing insured parcels shall be marked with such distinctive symbols as may from time to time be agreed upon. ARTICLE 7. Billing of Parcels. 1. Separate parcel bills must be prepared for the ordinary par- cels on the one hand, and for the insured parcels on the other hand. The parcel bills are prepared in duplicate. The original is sent in the regular mails, while the duplicate is inserted in one of the