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GIBRALTAR-PARCEL POST AGREEMENT-Jen. 5 , 1936 sacks. The sack containing the parcel bill is designated by the letter "F" traced in a conspicuous manner on the label. 2. The ordinary parcels included in each dispatch sent to either country are to be entered on the parcel bills to show the total num- ber of parcels and the total net weight thereof. 3. Insured parcels shall be entered individually on the parcel bills to show the insurance number and the name of the office of origin, as well as the total net weight of the parcels. 4. Parcels sent "a decouvert" must be entered separately on the parcel bills. 5. Returned or redirected parcels must be entered individually on the parcel bills and be followed by the word "Returned" or "Re- directed", as the case may be. A statement of the charges which may be due on these parcels should be shown in the "Observations" column. 6. The total number of sacks comprising each dispatch must also be shown on the parcel bills. 7. Each dispatching exchange office numbers the parcel bills in the upper left-hand corner in accordance with an annual series. The last number of the preceding year must be mentioned on the first bill of the following year. 8. The exact method of advising parcels or the receptacles con- taining them sent by one Administration in transit through the other together with any details of procedure in connection with the advice of such parcels or receptacles for which provision is not made in this Agreement, shall be settled by mutual agreement through corre- spondence between the two Administrations. ARTICLE 8. Verification by the Exchange Offices. 1. Upon receipt of a dispatch, the exchange office of destination proceeds to verify it. The entries in the parcel bill must be veri- fied exactly. Each error or omission must be brought immediately to the knowledge of the dispatching exchange office by means of a bulletin of verification. A dispatch is considered as having been found in order in all regards when no bulletin of verification is made up. If an error or irregularity is found upon receipt of a dispatch, all objects which may serve later on for investigations, or for examination of requests for indemnity, must be kept. 2. The dispatching exchange office to which a bulletin of verification is sent, returns it after having examined it and entered thereon its observations, if any. That bulletin is then attached to the parcel bills of the parcels to which it relates. Corrections made on a parcel bill which are not justified by supporting papers are considered as devoid of value. 3. If necessary, the dispatching exchange office may also be advised by telegram, at the expense of the office sending such telegram. 4. In case of shortage of a parcel bill, a duplicate is prepared, a copy of which is sent to the exchange office of origin of the dispatch. 5. The office of exchange which receives from a corresponding office a parcel which is damaged or insufficiently packed must redispatch such parcel after repacking, if necessary, preserving the original pack- ing as far as possible. 1501 Verification by ex- change offices.