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INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES Exchange of Notes. EXCHANGE OF NOTES BETWEEN THE SECRETARY OF STATE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND THE NETHERLANDS DIRECTOR OF TRADE AGREEMENTS The Secretary of State (Hull) to the Netherlands Director of Trade Agreements (Lamping) DEPARTMENT OF STATE, Washington, December 20, 1935. SIR: I have the honor to make the following statement of my under- standing of the agreement reached through recent conversations held at Washington by representatives of the Government of the United States and the Netherlands Government with reference to certain special duties. These conversations have disclosed a mutual understanding be- tween the two Governments, which is that neither will impose on products of territories of the other Government any antidumping duty or new or additional duty to countervail the payment or bestowal of a bounty or grant, without first giving the other Government, through an informal notice, an opportunity to present representations with respect to the proposed duty. No decision to impose such duty will be made within thirty days after the date of the informal notice, unless an earlier decision is required by law. Any representations submitted by the other Government will be carefully considered by the Government contemplating the imposition of the duty. Accept, Sir, the assurances of my highest consideration. CORDELL HULL Secretary of State of the United States of America. The Honorable ARNOLD THEODOOR LAMPING, Director of Trade Agreements, Chief of the Netherlands Delegation, Washington. The NetherlandsDirectorof Trade Agreements (Lamping) to the Secretary of State (Hull) 20 DECEMBER 1935. EXCELLENTIE, Ik heb de eer de ontvangst te erkennen van Uwer Excellentie's nota van heden, bevattende een uiteenzetting van Uwer Excellentie's opvatting met betrekking tot de overeenstemming, ten opzichte van zekere bijzondere rechten, bereikt gedurende onlangs te Washington 1560