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U. S . S . R .- C OMMERCIAL RELATIONS-AUGUST 4, 1937 The People's Commissar for Foreign Affairs (Litvinoff) to the, American Ambassador (Dawies) Moscow, August 4,1937. DEAR MR. AMBASSADOR: In reply to your inquiry regarding the intended exports of Soviet coal to the United States during the ensuing twelve months, I may state that, according to information received by me from the People's Commissariat for Foreign Trade, the economic organizations of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics will not in any case export to the United States during the year beginning August 6, 1937, more than 400,000 tons of Soviet coal. Sincerely yours, M. LITVINOFF Mr. JOSEPH E. DAVIES, Ambassador of the United States of America, Moscow. 125151--37--PT II-- 45 1625