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PROCLAMATIONS, 1937 taking migratory waterfowl or their eggs and shall be exhibited to any person requesting to see them. Waterfowl and their eggs so taken may be possessed by the permittee and may be sold and transported by him for propagating purposes to any person holding a permit issued by the Secretary in accordance with the provisions of this regulation. 2. A person in possession of a valid, subsisting permit issued to him by a State, on its part, authorizing him to possess, purchase, sell, and transport migratory waterfowl and their increase and eggs for propa- gating purposes, may possess, purchase, sell, and transport such waterfowl and their increase and eggs for such purposes when au- thorized by a permit issued to him by the Secretary; but may not pur- chase or sell to any person not authorized by these regulations or by a permit issued thereunder to sell or purchase such waterfowl and their eggs; and migratory waterfowl, except the birds taken under paragraph 1 of this regulation, so possessed may be killed by him at any time and in any manner (except that they may be killed by shooting only during the open season for waterfowl in the State where killed), and the car- casses, with heads and feet attached thereto, may be sold and trans- ported by him to any person for actual consumption, or to the keeper of a hotel, restaurant, or boarding house, a retail dealer in meat or game, or a club, for sale or service to their patrons, who may possess such carcasses for actual consumption without a permit, but no such birds that have been killed shall be bartered, sold, or purchased unless each bird before attaining the age of 4 weeks shall have had removed from the web of one foot a portion thereof in the form of a V large enough to make a permanent, well-defined mark, which shall be sufficient to identify it as a bird raised in domestication under a permit. 3. Applications for permits shall be addressed to the Secretary of Agriculture, Washington, D. C., and must state the name and address of the applicant; the place where the propagating project is to be carried on; the area to be used in the project; the facilities the appli- cant has for properly caring for the waterfowl; the number of each species of waterfowl m his possession, and how, when, and where they were acquired; and, if the application is for a permit to take migratory waterfowl or their eggs, the species and number of each species or eggs of each species proposed to be taken, and the specific locality where it is proposed to take them. 4. Every permittee shall keep books and records that shall cor- rectly set forth the number of each species of waterfowl and their eggs taken by him, if he holds a permit to take waterfowl, the number of each species of waterfowl and their eggs possessed on the date of appli- cation for a permit, the number of each species reared and killed, the number of each species and their eggs sold and transported, the manner in which they were transported, the name and address of each person from or to whom waterfowl and eggs were purchased or sold, the number and species so purchased or otherwise acquired or sold and whether sold alive or dead, and the date of each transaction. Whenever requested by the Chief of the Bureau, the permittee shall submit to him such report of his operations under the permit as may be called for, and in any event shall file with the Secretary, on a form provided therefor, on or before January 10, a full report of his opera- tions during the preceding calendar year. Failure to make the reports therein provided for will be cause for revocation of the permit. 5. A permittee shall at all reasonable hours allow any authorized employee of the United States Department of Agriculture to enter and inspect the premises where operations are being carried on under this regulation and to inspect the books and records relating thereto. 1851 Use of. Applications for per mits. Permittee to keep records. Reports. InspectonL