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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 780-OCT. 9 , 1940 Prevention of per- nicious political activ- ities. Ante, p. 767. Expenses. Ante, p. 599. Ante, pp. 377,297. Salaries and ex- penses. Ante, p. 118. Provbio. Personal services. Relocation of moni- toring stations. Congress), is hereby continued available to and including December 31, 1940, for the purposes and under the conditions specified for such appropriation in such Act. CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION Prevention of pernicious political activities: For all necessary expenditures of the Civil Service Commission in performing the duties imposed upon it by the Act of July 19, 1940 (Public Act Numbered 753, 76th Congress), including personal services in the District of Columbia and elsewhere; contract stenographic reporting services; advertising; streetcar fares (not to exceed $100); purchase and exchange of books of reference and periodicals (not to exceed $500); traveling expenses; witness fees and mileage, including fees to deponents and persons taking deposition, at rates paid in the courts of the United States; and printing and binding, $100,000. COUNCIL OF NATIONAL DEFENSE The appropriation for the expenses of the Council of National Defense contained in the "First Supplemental National Defense Appropriation Act, 1941", approved June 26, 1940, and allocations to the Council of National Defense, the Advisory Commission, and other subordinate bodies of the Council from the appropriations entitled "Emergency Fund For The President" contained in the Acts making appropriations for the Military Establishment and the Navy Department for the fiscal year 1941, approved June 13 and June 11, 1940, shall be available for the payment of actual transportation expenses and not to exceed $10 per diem in lieu of subsistence and other expenses of members of the Commission, subordinate bodies of the Council, persons serving at $1 per annum, and persons serving while away from their homes, without other compensation from the United States, in an advisory capacity to the Council, the Advisory Commission or other subordinate bodies of the Council, or in attend- ance at meetings concerned with the national defense. FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION Salaries and expenses: For an additional amount for salaries and expenses, Federal Communications Commission, including the objects and subject to the limitations specified under this head in the Inde- pendent Offices Appropriation Act, 1941, $125,000: Provided, That the limitation in such Act of $1,246,340 which may be expended under this head for personal services in the District of Columbia is hereby increased to $1,350,000. Relocation of monitoring stations: For the relocation of radio mon- itoring stations at sites to be selected by the Federal Communications Commission in the States of Oregon, California, Michigan, Maryland, Georgia, and Massachusetts, including the purchase of land, pro- vided suitable sites now owned by the Government cannot be made available, construction of suitable buildings or modification or recon- struction of existing buildings, the providing for necessary appa- ratus and equipment, erection of goniometric apparatus, the construc- tion and installation of roadways, power, water and sanitary facili- ties, associated antenna systems, and other necessary expenses, $175,000. 1032 [54 STAT.