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[54 STAT. PUBLIC LAWS-CUH. 893-OCT. 17, 1940 ppicili. ficiary or his estate or to his dependents as such: Provided, however, designated cases. That if the benefits be insurance payable by reason of yearly renew- able term or of United States Government life (converted) insur- ance issued by the United States, the exemption herein provided shall be inapplicable to indebtedness existing against the particular insur- ance contract upon the maturity of which the claim is based, whether such indebtedness be in the form of liens to secure unpaid premiums, or loans, or interest on such premiums or loans, or indebtedness aris- ing from overpayments of dividends, refunds, loans, or other insur- No deductions. ance benefits: Provided further, That nothing in this amendatory Act shall be construed to modify or repeal section 7 of Public Law 38 u. s. C. , supp. Numbered 425, Seventy-fourth Congress, enacted January 27, 1936 v,§ 687b. (38 U. S . C. 687-b; 49 Stat. 1101)." Disability compen- SEC. 6 . That on and after the date of enactment of this Act, World sation. War veterans otherwise entitled to the statutory award under the provisions of the last paragraph of section 202 (3), World War 43 Stat. 618.7 Veterans' Act, 1924, as amended, for the loss of the use of one or . more feet or hands, shall be paid $35 per month additional com- pensation in lieu of $25 per month previously authorized. 33Stat8.1O7 . SEC. 7 . Section 1 of Public Law Numbered 196, Seventy-Sixth v, § 703b. Congress, July 19, 1939, is hereby amended by striking therefrom the words "and who was in receipt of compensation therefor on March 19, 1933" and by substituting for the second proviso thereof the following: Death compensa-fProvided further, That where a World War veteran dies or has died, ctain Wrld War and service connection for any of the foregoing conditions is or would veterans. have been established under the provisions of this amendment, the surviving widow, child, or children, if otherwise eligible thereto, shall 48 tat. 28. be awarded death compensation under Public Law Numbered 484, m7; supp. v, Is 503- Seventy-third Congress, as amended". ' Stat.B61. SEC. 8. Except as provided in section 6 of Public Law Numbered 38 U.7 C. Sp. 304, Seventy-fifth Congress, approved August 16, 1937 (U. S . C., title Effetive date of 38, sec. 472d), compensation authorized by section 7 of this Act shall aw ard not be payable effective prior to the receipt of application therefor in the Veterans' Administration, and in no event shall compensation therein authorized be effective prior to the date of enactment of this Act. dabrvice-connmtea- SEC. 9 . That when disability compensation or pension based upon tion.ty co p service-connected disability has been forfeited by a veteran under Payment of forfeited benefits to depend- section 504 of the World War Veterans' Act, 1924, as amended (43 ents. Stat. 1312; U. S. C., title 38, sec. 555), or section 15 of Public Law Numbered 2, Seventy-third Congress (48 Stat. 11; U. S . C., title 38, sec. 715), compensation or pension payable except for the forfeiture, from and after the date of suspension of payments to the veteran, shall be paid to his wife, child or children, and/or dependent parents, such payments not to exceed the amount payable in case such veteran No payment to ac- had died from such service-connected disability: Provided, That no complioe. compensation or pension shall be paid to any dependent who has participated in the fraud for which the forfeiture was imposed. cReimut trmet on Forfeiture of benefits by a veteran under the provisions of section penses autjhrifd by 504, World War Veterans' Act, 1924, as amended, or section 15 of taw. Public Law Numbered 2, Seventy-third Congress, shall not be con- strued to prohibit reimbursement on account of expenses incurred in the burial of such veteran otherwise authorized by law, or to prohibit payments of death compensation benefits for service-connected death . or under Public Law Numbered 484, Seventy-third Congress, as 307;nppB.. 603- amended. ay-mt not retro- Benefits authorized by this section shall not be paid for any period Um prior to the date of this enactment.