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LIST OF PUBLIC LAWS Act Res. 79 Fishing compacts. JOINT RESOLUTION To authorize com- pacts or agreements between or among the States bordering on the Atlantic Ocean with respect to fishing in the terri- torial waters and bays and inlets of the Atlantic Ocean on which such States border, and for other purposes-------_ _ 583 ---- National banking associations. AN ACT To amend section 5136 of the Revised Statutes, as amended, to authorize char- itable contributions by national banking associations ---- 584 ----. Frankford Creek, Pa. AN ACT To declare Frankford Creek, Pennsylvania, to be a nonnavigable stream -- 585 -- _- Alaskan InternationalHighway Commission. AN ACT To ex- tend the existence of the Alaskan International Highway Commission for an additional four years, and for other pur- poses ------------------------------------ 586 ----- Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, Tenn., Ky., and Va., establishment. AN ACT To provide for the establish- ment of the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia ------ ____----- 587 ----- U . S. Coronado Exposition Commission. AN ACT To post- pone for one year the date of the transmission to Congress by the United States Coronado Exposition Commission of a statement of its expenditures ---- _____------- 80 International Technical Committee of Aerial Legal Experts. JOINT RESOLUTION Providing for an annual appropria- tion to meet the share of the United States toward the ex- penses of the International Technical Committee of Aerial Legal Experts, and for participation in the meetings of the International Technical Committee of Aerial Legal Experts and the commissions established by that Committee ---- 81 RailroadRetirementActof197,etc.,amendments. JOINT RES- OLUTION Providing for more uniform coverage under the Railroad Retirement Acts of 1935 and 1937, the Carriers Taxing Act of 1937, and subchapter B of chapter 9 of the Internal Revenue Code------------------------- 588 ---- Navy Department, etc., appropriations,1941. AN ACT Mak- ing appropriations for the Navy Department and the naval service for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1941, and for other purposes----------------------------------------.- 589 --- Cleveland National Forest, Calif. AN ACT To facilitate the control of soil erosion and/or flood damage originating upon lands within the exterior boundaries of the Cleveland National Forest in San Diego County, California ----- 590 --- Reimbursement of Indians, etc. AN ACT For the relief of Indians who have paid taxes on allotted lands for which patents in fee were issued without application by or consent of the allottees and subsequently canceled, and for the reimbursement of public subdivisions by whom judgments for such claims have been paid 591 --- . Angeles National Forest, Calif. AN ACT To facilitate the control of soil erosion and/or flood damage originating upon lands within the exterior boundaries of the Angeles National Forest, California -------------------- 592 -- .- Statue of George Washington. AN ACT Authorizing the selec- tion of a site in the District of Columbia and the erection thereon of a statue of George Washington -------------- 593 --. Blue Ridge Parkway, N. C. AN ACT To authorize the Secre- tary of the Interior to convey to the State of North Carolina for use in connection with the Blue Ridge Parkway certain land within the Cherokee Indian Reservation in the State of North Carolina- -.. of North Carolina ------------------------------------ 594 . Pensions. AN ACT To amend the service pension Acts per- taining to the War with Spain, Philippine Insurrection, and the China Relief Expedition to include certain continuous service - 595 -- Toma Indian School, Wis. AN ACT To transfer the site and buildings of the Tomah Indian School to the State of Wis- consin -- 9_- 596 -- AArkansas, western judicialdistrict. AN ANCT To establish the Hot Springs division of the Western Judicial District of Arkansas----------- 597 --- Grand River Dam Authority. AN ACT To transfer certain Indian lands to the Grand River Dam Authority, and for other purposes ------------------------------------- Date June 8,1940- _- June 11, 1940_- - June 11,1940_-- June 11,1940___ June 11,1940__- June 11,1940-_- June 11,1940_-- June 11, 1940_-- June 11,1940-_- June 11,1940_-- June 11,1940 _- June 11,1940___ June 11,1940-__ June 11,1940-__ June 11,1940___ June 11,1940___ June 11, 1940___ Page 261 261 262 262 262 263 263 264 265 297 298 299 299 299 301 301 302 June 11, 1940-- 303 xvi