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LIST OF PUBLIC LAWS Act Res. 598 ----- Criminal Code, amendment. AN ACT To amend the Criminal Code so as to confer concurrent jurisdiction on courts of the United States over crimes committed on certain Federal reservations -_ _- - -- _

---------- ----

599 ----- Shipping. AN ACT To amend section 4370 of the Revised Statutes of the United States (U. S . C., 1934 edition, title 46, sec. 316)------------------------------------------- 600 ----- "Products of American fisheries." AN ACT To limit the interpretation of the term "products of American fisheries"- 601 --- - Stowaways on vessels. AN ACT Making it a misdemeanor to stow away on vessels and providing punishment therefor-- 82 Foreign construction costs. JOINT RESOLUTION To make temporary emergency provision for the determination of foreign construction costs under section 502 (b) of the Merchant Marine Act, 1936, as amended---------------- 602 ----- District of Columbia Appropriation Act, 1941. AN ACT Making appropriations for the government of the District of Columbia and other activities chargeable in whole or in part against the revenues of such District for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1941, and for other purposes---- 603 ----- Montana School of Mines. AN ACT Authorizing the Secre- tary of the Interior to grant to the State of Montana for the use and benefit of the Montana School of Mines a patent to a certain tract of land------------------------ 604 ----- South Carolina, judicial districts. AN ACT To provide for a change in the time for holding court at Rock Hill and Spartanburg, South Carolina--------------------------- 605 ----- Hawaiian Organic Act, amendment. AN ACT To amend section 73 of an Act entitled "An Act to provide a govern- ment for the Territory of Hawaii", approved April 30, 1900, as amended---------------------------------------- 606 ----- Civilian nautical schools. AN ACT To provide for the examination of civilian nautical schools and for the inspec- tion of vessels used in connection therewith, and for other purposes------------------------------------------ 607 ----- Murder, first degree, D. C . AN ACT To amend sections 798 and 800 of the Code of Law for the District of Columbia, relating to murder in the first degree -- --- --- --- 608 ----- Wiota-Fort Peck Railroad, Mont. AN ACT Relating to the hours of service of persons employed upon the Government- owned Wiota-Fort Peck Railroad in the State of Montana- - 609 ----- Tennessee, judicial districts. AN ACT To amend section 107 of the Judicial Code, as amended, to eliminate the require- ment that suitable accommodations for holding the court at Winchester, Tennessee, be provided by the local au- thorities--------------------------------------------- 610 ----- Public schools, D. C. AN ACT To provide educational em- ployees of the public schools of the District of Columbia with leave of absence, with part pay, for purposes of edu- cational improvement, and for other purposes---------- 611 ----- Military Appropriation Act, 1941. AN ACT Making appro- priations for the Military Establishment for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1941, and for other purposes---------- 612 ----- Army officers, promotion. AN ACT To provide for the pro- motion of promotion-list officers of the Army after specified years of service in grade, and for other purposes------- 613 ----- Little Missouri River. AN ACT Granting the consent of Con- gress to the States of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming to negotiate and enter into a compact or agreement for division of the waters of the Little Missouri River-------------------------------------- 614 ----- Army officers, promotion on retired list. AN ACT To promote on the retired list officers who were decorated and recom- mended for promotion for distinguished service during the World War and who have not attained the rank to which recommended------------------------------------- 615 ----- Navy Department, transit pay. AN ACT To amend the Act entitled "An Act making appropriations for the naval service for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and three, and for other purposes", approved July 1, 1902 (32 Stat. 662), so as to provide uniformity in the pay of all civilian employees of the Navy Department appointed for duty beyond the continental limits of the United States and in Alaska-------------------------- 193470---41 - - - -II Date June 11,1940--- June 11,1940-- June 11,1940-- June 11,1940___ June 11,1940--- June 12,1940--- June 12,1940-- June 12,1940--- June 12,1940--- June 12,1940--- June 12,1940-- June 12,1940--- June 12,1940 -- Jane 12,1940 -- June 13,1940-- June 13,1940--- June 13,1940--- June 13,1940--- June 13,1940-- 383 XVii Page 304 304 305 306 306 307 343 344 345 346 347 348 348 349 350 379 382 382