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LIST OF PUBLIC LAWS Act Res. 805 ----- Criminal Code, amendment. AN ACT Relating to the status of retired officers of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard of the United States, and to amend section 113 of the Criminal Code -------- -- -- -- .- 806 ----- Naval Proving Ground, Va. AN ACT Authorizing the con- veyance to the Commonwealth of Virginia of a portion of the naval reservation known as Naval Proving Ground, Dahlgren, Virginia ---------------- _-__.-_ -- - - 807 ----- Internal Revenue Code, amendment. AN ACT To amend section 3493 of the Internal Revenue Code, formerly section 404 of the Sugar Act of 1937----------- 808 ----- Commissioned Naval Reserve officers. AN ACT To authorize the appointment of graduates of the Naval Reserve Officers' Training Corps to the line of the Regular Navy, and for other purposes------------------ 809 ----- Vessels, explosives. AN ACT To amend section 4472 of the Revised Statutes (U. S. C., 1934 edition, title 46, sec. 465) to provide for the safe carriage of explosives or other dangerous or semidangerous articles or substances on board vessels; to make more effective the provisions of the International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea, 1929, relating to the carriage of dangerous goods; and for other purposes------- 810 ----- Coast Guard,retired officers. AN ACT To authorize the Secre- tary of the Treasury to order retired commissioned and warrant officers of the Coast Guard to active duty during time of national emergency, and for other purposes ----- 811 ----- Assignment of Claims Act of 1940. AN ACT To assist in the national-defense program by amending sections 3477 and 3737 of the Revised Statutes to permit the assignment of claims under public contracts------------------------ 812 ----- First Supplemental Civil Functions Appropriation Act, 1941. AN ACT Making supplemental appropriations for the sup- port of the Government for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1941, and for other purposes- -

813 ----- Indian lands, Wash. AN ACT To authorize the leasing of certain Indian lands subject to the approval of the Secretary of the Interior-------------------------------- 814 ----- Relief of certain former disbursing officers. AN ACT For the relief of certain former disbursing officers for the Civil Works Administration and the Federal Emergency Relief Admin- istration --------------------- -- 815 ----- Mitchel Field, N. Y . AN ACT To remove the restriction placed upon the use of certain lands acquired in connection with the expansion of Mitchel Field, New York ----------- 816 _-- - Seamen's certificates. AN ACT To repeal sections 4588 and 4591 of the Revised Statutes of the United States---------- 817 ----- Petty offenses, Federal reservations. AN ACT To confer juris- diction upon certain United States commissioners to try petty offenses committed on Federal reservations- -------- 818 ----- Commodity Exchange Act, amendment. AN ACT To amend the Commodity Exchange Act, as amended, to extend its provisions to fats and oils, cottonseed, cottonseed meal, and peanuts-----------------------------------

819 ----- Taxation, Federal areas. AN ACT To permit the States to extend their sales, use, and income taxes to persons residing or carrying on business, or to transactions occurring, in Federal areas, and for other purposes------------------- 820 ----- Claims against United States. AN ACT Providing for the bar- ring of claims against the United States ---------------- 821 ----- Bridge, Mississippi River. AN ACT Granting the consent of Congress to the Minnesota Department of Highways and the counties of Benton and Stears in Minnesota, to con- struct, maintain, and operate a free highway bridge across the Mississippi River at or near Sauk Rapids, Minnesota- - 822---- Vicksburg National Military Park,Miss. AN ACT To author- ize the acceptance of donations of property for the Vicks- burg National Military Park, in the State of Mississippi, and for other purposes--------------------------------- 823 ----- Postal Service, dispatchers, etc. AN ACT To provide an eight- hour workday and payment for overtime for dispatchers and mechanics-in-charge in the motor-vehicle service of the Postal Service---------------------------------------- Date Page Oct. 8, 1940- __ 1021 Oct. 8, 1940--_ 1022 Oct. 8, 1940___ 1022 Oct. 8,1940--- 1023 Oct. 9, 1940--- 1023 Oct. 9, 1940- _ _ Oct. 9, 1940 -- Oct. Oct. 1029 1029 9,1940 . -- 1030 9,1940 _ - 1057 Oct. 9,1940__- Oct. 9,1940 - Oct. 9,1940--_ 1057 1058 1058 Oct. 9,1940--- 1058 Oct. 9, 1940-__ Oct. 9,1940--- Oct. 9,1940-_ - Oct. 9,1940--- Oct. 9,1940--- 1059 1059 1061 1061 1061 Oct. 9, 1940-__ 1062 xxix