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54 STAT.] 76mT CONG. , 3D SESS.-CH. 333-JUNE 12, 1940 with the Board of Education, and shall be approved by the Com- missioners and shall be constructed in conformity thereto. The school buildings authorized and appropriated for herein shall be constructed with all doors intended to be used as exits or entrances opening outward, and each of said buildings having in excess of eight rooms shall have at least four exits. Appropriations carried in this Act shall not be used for the maintenance of school in any building unless all outside doors thereto used as exits or entrances shall open outward and be kept unlocked every school day from one-half hour before until one-half hour after school hours. METROPOLITAN POLICE SALARIES For the pay and allowances of officers and members of the Metro- politan Police force, in accordance with the Act entitled "An Act to fix the salaries of the Metropolitan Police force, the United States Park Police force, and the Fire Department of the District of Columbia" (43 Stat. 174-175), as amended by the Act of July 1, 1930 (46 Stat. 839 -841), including one captain, who shall be property clerk, and the present acting sergeant in charge of police automobiles, who shall have the rank and pay of a sergeant, $2,948,505. For personal services, $151,985, including not to exceed $1,265 for the salary of one part-time physician to be paid at the rate of $3,800 per annum. MISCELLANEOUS For fuel, $6,750. For repairs and improvements to police stations and station grounds, including not to exceed $10,000 for the erection of a modern cell block in Number 13 Police Precinct Station, $17,000. For miscellaneous and contingent expenses, including rewards for fugitives, purchase of gas equipment and firearms, maintenance of card system, stationery, city directories, books of reference, periodi- cals, newspapers, telegraphing, telephoning, photographs, rental and maintenance of teletype system and labor-saving devices, telephone service charges, purchase, maintenance, and servicing of radio broad- casting systems, purchase of equipment, gas, ice, washing, meals for prisoners, medals of award, not to exceed $300 for car tickets, furni- ture and repair thereto, beds and bed clothing, insignia of office, police equipments and repairs to same, and mounted equipment, fags and halyards, storage and hauling of stolen or abandoned property, and traveling and other expenses incurred in prevention and detection of crime, not to exceed $3,000 for expenses of officers and members of the police force in attending, without loss of pay or time, specialized police training classes and pistol matches, including tuition, entrance fees, travel and subsistence, and other necessary expenses, including expenses of harbor patrol, $76,750, of which amount $10,000 shall be available for expenditure by the Major and Superintendent of Police for prevention and detection of crime, under his certificate, approved by the Commissioners, and every such certificate shall be deemed a sufficient voucher for the sum therein expressed to have been expended. For purchase and exchange, and maintenance of passenger- carrying and other motor vehicles and the replacement of those worn out in the service and condemned, $65,000. Uniforms: For furnishing uniforms and other official equipment prescribed by department regulations as necessary and requisite in the performance of duty to officers and members of the Metropolitan 193470°-41 --T. --- 21 321 Exit, etc., require- ments. Salaries. 20 D. C. Code §457; Supp. V, § 457a. Property clerk. Personal services. Part-time physi- cian. Fuel. Repairs, etc., sta- tions and grounds. Contingent ex- penses. Harbor patroL Vehicles. Uniforms, etc.