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[54 STAT. PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 333 -JUNE 12, 1940 Maintenance, etc. Police, including cleaning, alteration, and repair of articles trans- ferred from one individual to another, $48,725. HOUSE OF DETENTION For maintenance of a suitable place for the reception and deten- tion of girls and women over seventeen years of age, arrested by the police on charge of offense against any laws in force in the District of Columbia, or held as witnesses or held pending final investigation or examination, or otherwise, including transportation, clinic supplies, food, clothing, upkeep and repair of buildings, fuel, gas, ice, laundry, supplies and equipment, electricity, and other neces- sary expenses, $8,500; for personal services, $9,360; in all, $17,860. POLICEMEN AND FIREMEN'S RELIEF Payments. To pay the policemen and firemen's relief and other allowances as authorized by law, $1,165,000. FIRE DEPARTMENT SALAIIES Salaries. 20 D. C. Code 555; Supp. V, §55a. Personal services. For the pay of officers and members of the fire department, in accordance with the Act entitled "An Act to fix the salaries of officers and members of the Metropolitan Police force, the United States Park Police force, and the fire department of the District of Colum- bia" (43 Stat. 175), as amended by the Act of July 1, 1930 (46 Stat. 839-841), $2,171,000. For personal services, $5,720. MISCELLANEOUS Repairs, etc. For repairs and improvements to buildings and grounds, $20,000. Ante, p. 86 . unforms.etc. Uniforms: For furnishing uniforms and other official equipment prescribed by department regulations as necessary and requisite in the performance of duty to officers and members of the fire depart- ment, including cleaning, alteration, and repair of articles transferred from one individual to another, $21,625. Repairs to appar- For repairs to apparatus, motor vehicles, and other motor-driven ttapparatus, fireboat and for new apparatus, new motor vehicles, new appliances, employment of mechanics, helpers, and laborers in the fire department repair shop, and for the purchase of necessary Pstruction at re- supplies, materials, equipment, and tools, $37,500: Provided, That pairshop. the Commissioners are authorized, in their discretion, to build or construct, in whole or in part, fire-fighting apparatus in the fire department repair shop. H ose. For hose, $12,500. Fn el. For fuel, $20,500. Contingent ex- For contingent expenses, furniture, fixtures, oil, blacksmithing, gas and electric lighting, flags and halyards, medals of award, and other necessary items, $20,000. fngh metpofar E or replacement of fire-fighting apparatus, including one passenger automobile at not to exceed $650, and not to exceed $1,100 for one chief's automobile, $51,750. HEALTH DEPARTMENT Salaries and ex- penses. General administration: For personal services and other necessary expenses, including not to exceed $4,500 for contract investigational 322