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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , 3D SESS.-CH. 333 -JUNE 12, 1940 services without reference to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes (41 U. S. C. 5), $77,180. Medical services: For all expenses necessary for the enforcement of the Acts relating to the prevention of the spread of contagious and infectious diseases in the District of Columbia; the maintenance of tuberculosis and venereal disease clinics and dispensaries; the conduct of hygiene and sanitation work, including the maintenance of free dental clinics in schools; the maintenance of a maternal and child-health service, including clinics- and the maintenance of a nursing service; such expenses to include personal services, books and periodicals, uniforms and rent, $409,060: Provided, That the Commissioners may, without creating any obligation for the pay- ment of money on account thereof, accept such volunteer services as they may deem expedient in connection with the establishment and maintenance of the medical services herein provided for. Laboratories: For operation and maintenance of laboratories including personal services, books and periodicals, manufacture of serums for use in indigent cases, and other necessary expenses, $45,114. Inspections: For all expenses necessary for the enforcement of the Acts relating to the drainage of lots and abatement of nuisances in the District of Columbia; the Act relating to the adulteration of foods, drugs, and candy; the Act relating to the manufacture and sale of mattresses; the Act relating to the manufacture, sale, and transportation of adulterated or misbranded or poisonous or dele- terious foods, drugs, medicines, and liquors; and the Act relating to the sale of milk, cream, and ice cream; such expenses to include per- sonal services, books and periodicals and travel, $124,416: Provided, That not to exceed $200 may be expended for special services in detecting adulteration of drugs and foods, including candy and milk: Provided further, That inspectors of dairy farms may receive an allowance for furnishing privately owned motor vehicles in the per- formance of official duties at the rate of not to exceed $312 per annum for each inspector. For completely furnishing and equipping the Southwest Health Center, including not to exceed $4,500 for the installation of an elevator, $23,000, to be immediately available. For the following hospital and sanatoria: Tuberculosis sanatoria: For personal services, including $3,000 for chief visiting consultant, and not to exceed $3,000 for compensation of consulting physicians at rates to be fixed by the Commissioners, $423,760. For provisions, fuel, forage, harness and vehicles and repairs to same, gas, water, ice, shoes, clothing, dry goods, tailoring, drugs and medical supplies, furniture and bedding, kitchen utensils, medical books schoolbooks, classroom supplies, books of reference, and periodicals not to exceed $500, maintenance of motortrucks, and other necessary items, $213,000. For repairs and improvements to buildings and grounds, including roads and sidewalks, $5,500. Gallinger Municipal Hospital: For personal services, including two associate medical officers at $3,200 per annum each, to be appointed without reference to civil-service requirements, and includ- ing not to exceed $2,000 for temporary labor, $687,840, of which $26,760 shall be available for out-patient relief of the poor, includ- ing medical and surgical supplies, artificial limbs, and pay of physi- cians: Provided,That no part of this appropriation shall be available for the care of persons, except in emergency cases, where the person has been a resident of the District of Columbia for less than one year at the time of application for admission. 323 Medical services; clinics, etc. Proviso. Volunteer services. Laboratories, main- tenance. Inspections; abate- ment of nuisances, adulteration of foods, etc. Provisos. Special services. Vehicle allowance for dairy inspectors. Southwest Health Center. Tuberculosls sana- toria. Provisions, fuel, for- age, etc. Repairs and im- provements. Gallinger Munici- pal Hospital. Post, p. 637. Proviso. Restriction on use of funds.