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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , 3D SESS.-CH. 333 -JUNE 12, 1940 325 POLICE COURT Salaries: For personal services, $105,520. salaries. For law books, books of reference, directories, periodicals, sta- Contingent ex tionery, rebinding of books, preservation of records, typewriters and repairs thereto, telephone service, laundry work medicines, lodging and meals for jurors and bailiffs when ordered by the court, and all other necessary and incidental expenses of every kind not other- wise provided for, $3,582. For witness fees and compensation of jurors, $27,500. witness tees, etc. MUNICIPAL COURT Salaries: For personal services, including compensation of five judges without reference to the limitation in this Act restricting salaries within the grade, $87,620. For compensation of jurors, $9,000: Provided, That deposits made on demands for jury trials in accordance with rules prescribed by the court under authority granted in section 11 of the Act approved March 3, 1921 (41 Stat. 1312), shall be earned unless, prior to three days before the time set for such trials, including Sundays and legal holidays, a new date for trial be set by the court, cases be discontinued or settled, or demands for jury trials be waived. For contingent expenses, included books, lawbooks, books of refer- ence, fuel, light, telephone, lodging and meals for jurors, and for deputy United States marshals while in attendance upon jurors, when ordered by the court; fixtures, repairs to furniture, building and building equipment, and all other necessary miscellaneous items and supplies, $1,250. MISCELLANEOUS Probation system: For personal services, $16,880; contingent expenses, $800, in all, $17,680. Salaries. Ante, p. 307; post, p. 1038. Jurors. Proviso. Deposits for jury trials. 18 D. O. Code 1212. Contingent ex- penses. Probation system. PUBLIC WELFARE BOARD OF PUBLIC WELFARE For personal services, including a principal assistant director of public welfare at $6,500 per annum, to be appointed without refer- ence to civil service requirements, and including not to exceed $4,500 for contract investigational services, without reference to section 3709 of the Revised Statutes (41 U. S . C . 5), $149,900. DIVISION OF CHILD WELFARE Administration: For administrative expenses, including placing and visiting children, city directory, purchase of books of reference and periodicals not exceeding $50, and all office and sundry expenses, $5,000, and no part of the money herein appropriated shall be used for the purpose of visiting any ward of the Board of Public Welfare placed outside the District of Columbia and the States of Virginia and Maryland; and a ward placed outside said District and the States of Virginia and Maryland shall be visited not less than once a year by a voluntary agent or correspondent of said Board, and that said Board shall have power, upon proper showing, in its discretion, to discharge from guardianship any child committed to its care. Salaries; contract in. vestigational services. Administrative ex- penses. Restriction on use of funds.