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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 333-TUNE 12, 1940 Board and are of For board and care of all children committed to the guardianship chldrei n . of said Board by the courts of the District, and for temporary care of children pending investigation or while being transferred from place to place, with authority to pay not more than $2,500 each to institutions under sectarian control and not more than $400 for burial Prinanwo. of children dying while under charge of the Board, $316,000: Pro- foterhomes. videa, That not more than $900 of this appropriation shall be available for continuous maintenance of two foster homes for tem- porary or emergency board and care of nondelinquent children. Rhr eviundghome tor For the maintenance, under the jurisdiction of the Board of Public een. Welfare, of a suitable place in a building entirely separate and apart from the house of detention for the reception and detention of chil- dren under eighteen years of age arrested by the police on charge of offense against any laws in force in the District of Columbia, or committed to the guardianship of the Board, or held as witness, or held temporarily, or pending hearing, or otherwise, including trans- portation, food, clothing, medicine, and medicinal supplies, rental, repair and upkeep of buildings, fuel, gas, electricity, ice, supplies, and equipment, and other necessary expenses, including not to exceed $20,920 for personal services, $39,000. Pas for e For the preparation of plansfora new building for the reception re8hit e. and detention of children, to be located on land owned by the Dis- trict of Columbia in square 2885, $3,675. Advances to dire- The disbursing officer of the District of Columbia is authorized to tor. advance to the director of public welfare, upon requisitions previously approved by the auditor of the District of Columbia and upon such security as may be required of said director by the Commissioners, sums of money not to exceed $400 at any one time, to be used for Placin and visiting expenses in placing and visiting children, traveling on official busi- ness of the Board, and for office and sundry expenses, all such expen- ditures to be accounted for to the accounting officers of the District of Columbia within one month on itemized vouchers properly approved. JAIL Salaries. Salaries: For personal services, $104,940. Maintennsoe, etc., For maintenance and support of prisoners of the District of Columbia at the jail, including not to exceed $1,000 for furnishing uniforms and caps for guards; subsistence of internes; expenses incurred in identifying and pursuing escaped prisoners and rewards for their capture; repair and improvements to buildings, cells, and locking devices; newspapers, books, and periodicals not to exceed $100; maintenance of non-passenger-carrying motor vehicle; and expense of electrocutions, $72,700. Addton to. Addition to jail: For an additional amount for completing con- struction of an addition to, and for the necessary remodeling of, the jail, exclusive of walled yard, $44,000, and the limit of cost of such construction is increased to $294,000. GENERAL ADMINISTRATION, WORKHOUSE AND REFORMATORY, DISTRICT OF COL1UMBIA Personal services. For personal services, $557,760. aintenance, etc. For maintenance, care, and support of inmates, including subsist- ence of internes, discharge gratuities provided by law, medical sup- plies, newspapers, books, books of reference and periodicals, farm implements, tools, equipment, transportation expenses, purchase and maintenance of livestock and horses; purchase of a moving-picture machine at not to exceed $1,500; purchase, exchange, maintenance, [54 STA.