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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , 3D SESS.-CH. 333-JUNE 12, 1940 operation, and repair of non-passenger-carrying vehicles and motor- bus; fuel for heating, lighting, and power, and all other necessary items, including uniforms and caps for guards, $480,000. For repairs to buildings and grounds, and maintenance of utilities, marine and railroad transportation facilities, and mechanical equip- ment not used in industrial enterprises, $27,000. To provide a working capital fund for such industrial enterprises as may be approved by the Commissioners of the District of Columbia, $30,000: Provided, That the various departments and institutions of the District of Columbia and the Federal Government may purchase, at fair market prices, as determined by the Commis- sioners, such products and services as meet their requirements; receipts from the sale of products and services shall be deposited to the credit of said working capital fund, and said fund, including all receipts credited thereto, shall be used as a revolving fund for the fiscal year 1941 for the purchase and repair of machinery, tools, and equipment, purchase of raw materials and manufacturing sup- plies, purchase, maintenance, and operation of non-passenger- carrying vehicles, and purchase of fuel for manufacturing purposes; for freight, personal services, and all other necessary expenses; and for the payment to inmates or their dependents of such pecuniary earnings as the Commissioners may deem proper. For continuing construction and equipment of permanent build- ings for women, including sewers, water mains, and other necessary utilities, $45,000. For construction of a bakery, including equipment, and necessary utilities, $25,000, to be immediately available. Support of convicts: For support, maintenance, and transporta- tion of convicts transferred from District of Columbia; expenses of shipping remains of deceased convicts to their homes in the United States, expenses of interment of unclaimed remains of deceased convicts; expenses incurred in identifying, pursuing, recap- turing (including rewards therefor), and returning to institutions, escaped convicts and parole and conditional-release violators; and transportation expenses of returning released convicts to their resi- dences, $120,730. The disbursing officer of the District of Columbia is authorized to advance to the general superintendent of penal institutions, upon requisitions previously approved by the auditor of the District of Columbia, and upon such security as the Commissioners may require of said superintendent, sums of money not exceeding $300 at one time, to be used only for expenses in returning escaped prisoners, conditional releases, and parolees, payable from the appropriation, "Support of convicts", all such expenditures to be accounted for to the accounting officers of the District of Columbia within one month on itemized vouchers properly approved. NATIONAL TRAINING SCHOOL FOR BOYS For care and maintenance of boys committed to the National Training School for Boys by the courts of the District of Columbia under a contract to be made by the Board of Public Welfare with the Attorney General at a rate of not to exceed $2 per day for each boy so committed, $91,250. NATIONAL TRAINING SCHOOL FOR GIRLS National Training School for Girls: For personal services, gro- ceries, provisions, light, fuel, clothing, shoes; forage and farm supplies; medicine and medical service (including not to exceed 327 Repairs to build- ings, etc. Fund for industrial enterprises. Proviso. Purchase of prod- ucts, etc. Deposit of receipts. Buildings for wom- en, construction, etc. Bakery, construc- tion, etc. Support, etc. , of convicts. Advancesforreturn- ing escaped prisoners, etc. Care, etc., of boys committed to. Salaries and ex- penses.