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HIGHWAY FUND, GASOLINE TAX AND MOTOR VEHICLE FEES Appropriations The following sums are appropriated wholly out of the special trom specialnd fund created by the Act entitled "An Act to provide for a tax on motor-vehicle fuels sold within the District of Columbia, and for 43 Stat. 106. other purposes", approved April 23, 1924, and the Act entitled "An 20 D. C. Code 0831-848; Supp. v, Act to provide additional revenue for the District of Columbia, and t0at.'76. for other purposes", approved August 17, 1937, for expenses of the following departments and activities: DEPARTMENT OF VEHICLES AND TRAFFIC Personalservices. For personal services, including $6,000 for temporary clerk hire, $177,720. Expenses, etc. For purchase, installation, and modification of electric traffic lights, signals, and controls, markers, painting white lines, labor, mainte- nance of non-passenger-carrying motor vehicles, printing and bind- ing, postage, telephone service, heating, electricity, repairs to equip- arking meters. ment of inspection stations, continuation of the operation of parking meters on the streets of the District of Columbia, including mainte- nance and repair, not to exceed $7,500 for such expenses as the Com- Traffic safety eda- missioners, in their discretion, may deem necessary in connection with cation. traffic safety education, and such other expenses as may be necessary in the judgment of the Commissioners said amount to be expended without reference to any other law, including not to exceed $34,300 for the operation and maintenance of electric traffic lights, signals, and controls, $139,380, of which not less than $25,000 sha be expended for the purchase, installation, and modification of electric traffic-light Sttc ar loading sinals and $1,000 shall be available for directional signs: Provided, platforms, etc. That no part of this or any other appropriation contained in this Act shall be expended for building, installing, and maintaining streetcar loading platforms and lights of any description employed to distin- guish same, except that a permanent type of platform may be con- structed from appropriations contained in this Act for street improve- ments when such work is undertaken in connection with roadway paving, repaving, or resurfacing, and plans and locations thereof are approved by the Public Utilities Commission and the Director of Maintenance ex- Vehicles and Traffic: Provided further, That the street-railway com- pen ses. pany shall pay the cost of maintenance, marking, and lighting after construction. MParkings for The Commissioners of the District of Columbia are authorized and directed to designate, reserve, and properly mark appropriate and sufficient parking spaces on the streets adjacent to all public buldings in such District for the use of Members of Congress engaged on public business. adentiefcation For the purchase of motor-vehicle identification number plates, $20,000. POLICE TRAFFIC CONTROL Expenses. For expenses necessarily involved in the police control, regulation and administration of traffic upon the highways, $520,325, which amount shall be transferred to the appropriation contained in this Act for pay and allowances of officers and members of the Metro- politan Police force. HIGHWAY DEPARTMENT For personal services, $251,740. 334 PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 333 --JUNE 12, 1940 [54 STAT. Personal services.