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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , 3D SESS.-CH. 333-JUNE 12, 1940 STREET IMPROVEMENTS For paving, repaving, grading, and otherwise improving streets, aavinetc., streets avenues, and roads, including temporary per diem services, surveying instruments and implements, and drawing materials, printing and binding, postage, and miscellaneous expenses, and the maintenance of motor vehicles used in this work, including curbing and gutters and replacement of curb-line trees where necessary, and including assess- ment and permit work and the several purposes provided for there- under, as follows: Is For paving, repaving, and surfacing, including curbing and gutters imvement des where necessary, the following: Northeast: Tenth Street, Jackson Street to Monroe Street, $17,400; Southeast: R Street, Seventeenth Street to Minnesota Avenue, $9,600; Southeast: Seventeenth Street, Que Street to Minnesota Avenue, $12,500; Southeast: Ridge Place, Sixteenth Street to Seventeenth Street, $4,100; Southeast: Thirty-fourth Street, Alabama Avenue to You Street, $17,800; Northeast: Nineteenth Street, C Street to E Street, $14,100; Northeast: Neal Street, Holbrook Street to Orren Street, $6,600; Northeast: Sixth Street, Edgewood Street to Franklin Street and Evarts Street, Sixth Street to Edgewood Street, $11,800- Northwest: Second Street, Hamilton Street to Ingraham Street, $6,600; Northwest: Milmarson Place, North Capitol Street to First Street, $8,300; Northwest: Nicholson Street, Blair Road to First Street, $9,000; Northwest: Nicholson Street, Seventh Street to Eighth Street, $6,600; Northwest: Seventh Street, Concord Avenue to Nicholson Street, $6,600; Northwest: Second Street, Peabody Street to Rittenhouse Street, $11,000; Northwest: Tewkesbury Place, Sixth Street to Seventh Street, $3 500; Northwest: Underwood Street, Fifth Street to Eighth Street, $16,300; Northwest: Underwood Street, Piney Branch Road to Georgia Avenue, $4,400; Northwest: Juniper Street, Seventeenth Street to Rock Creek Park, $9,600; Northwest: Randolph Street, Georgia Avenue to Kansas Avenue, $14,800;piin o gtrw For widening, altering, paving, and repaving roadways, in accord- I Wtedenietc ance with the plans and profiles to be approved by the Commissioners of the District of Columbia, including the necessary replacement and relocation of sewers, water mains, and fire-alarm and police-patrol boxes, as follows: Northwest: Eye Street, Thirteenth Street to Fifteenth Street, $46000; Grading, etc.,under For grading, paving, repaving, surfacing, and otherwise improving rFedrali Highd streets, avenues, and roads, including curbing and gutters, drainage Act. structures, retaining walls, the replacement and relocation of sewers, water mains, and fire-alarm boxes and police-patrol boxes, and replacement of curb-line trees, when necessary, as Federal-aid high- 335