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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 343-JUNE 13, 1940 ARMY WAR COLLEGE For expenses of the Army War College, being for the purchase of the necessary special stationery; textbooks, books of reference, sci- entific and professional papers, newspapers, and periodicals; maps; police utensils; employment of temporary, technical, or special serv- ices, and expenses of special lectures; pay of employees; and for all other absolutely necesssary expenses, $80,664. ADJUTANT GENERAL'S DEPARTMENT Expenses. Post, pp. 601,96 6. Equipment and conduct of clubs, libraries, etc. Post, pp. 601 , 604 , 966. Ante, p. 351; post, pp. 601, 966, 970. Officers. Aviation increase. Increased pay for aerial flights, restric- tion. Longevity. Enlisted men. Regular Army Re- serve. National Guard. Aviation increase. Philippine Scouts. Longevity. Retired officers, etc. Civil-service mes- sengers at headquar- ters, etc. COMMAND AND GENERAL STAFF SCHOOL, FORT LEAVENWORTH, KANSAS For the purchase of textbooks, books of reference, scientific and professional papers, instruments, and material for instruction; employment of temporary, technical, special, and clerical services; and for other necessary expenses of instruction, at the Command and General Staff School, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, $71,950. WELFARE OF ENLISTED MEN For the equipment and conduct of school, reading, lunch, and amusement rooms, service clubs, chapels, gymnasiums, and libraries, including periodicals and other publications and subscriptions for newspapers, salaries of civilians employed in the hostess and library services, transportation of books and equipment for these services, rental of films, purchase of slides for and making repairs to moving- picture outfits, and for similar and other recreational purposes at training and mobilization camps now established or which may be hereafter established, $106,880. FINANCE DEPARTMENT PAY OF THE ARMY For pay of commissioned officers, $38,055,754; pay of officers, National Guard, $100; pay of warrant officers, $1,351,248; aviation increase to commissioned and warrant officers of the Army, including not to exceed eighty-six medical officers, $3,242,593, none of which shall be available for increased pay for making aerial flights by non- flying officers at a rate in excess of $720 per annum, which shall be the legal maximum rate as to such officers, and such nonflying officers shall be entitled to such rate of increase by performing three or more flights within each ninety-day period, pursuant to orders of com- petent authority, without regard to the duration of such flight or flights; additional pay to officers for length of service, $10,546,818; pay of enlisted men of the line and staff, not including the Philip- pine Scouts, $125,325,942; Regular Army Reserve, $1,119,816; pay of enlisted men of National Guard, $100; aviation increase to enlisted men of the Army, $2,195,303; pay of enlisted men of the Philippine Scouts, $1,050,447; additional pay for length of service to enlisted men, $8,965,256; pay of commissioned officers on the retired list, $12,850,930; pay of retired warrant officers and retired members of the Army Nurse Corps, $1,441,086; increased pay to not to exceed three hundred and eight retired officers on active duty, $394,960; pay of retired enlisted men, $13,930,512; pay of not to exceed sixty civil- service messengers at not to exceed $1,200 each at headquarters of the several Territorial departments, corps areas, Army and corps head- quarters, Territorial districts, tactical divisions and brigades, service Expenses. Post, pp. 601,966. [54 STAT. 354