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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , 3D SESS.-CH. 343 -JUNE 13, 1940 schools, camps, and ports of embarkation and debarkation, $72,000; pay and allowances of contract surgeons, $40,656; pay of nurses, $1,277,763; rental allowances, including allowances for quarters for enlisted men on duty where public quarters are not available, $12,808,431; subsistence allowances, $7,221,009; interest on soldiers' deposits, $75,000; payment of exchange by officers serving in foreign countries and when specially authorized by the Secretary of War, by officers disbursing funds pertaining to the War Department, when serving in Alaska, and all foreign money received shall be charged to and paid out by disbursing officers of the Army at the legal valuation fixed by the Secretary of the Treasury, $100; in all, $241,965,824, of which amount $1,000,000 shall be available immediately; and the money herein appropriated for "Pay of the Army" shall be accounted for as one fund: Provided, That during the fiscal year end- ing June 30, 1941, no officer of the Army shall be entitled to receive an addition to his pay in consequence of the provisions of the Act approved May 11, 1908 (10 U. S . C . 803): Provided further, That the appropriations contained in this Act shall not be subject to the limitations contained in section 13a of the National Defense Act, as amended (10 U. S. C. 291), as to the number of enlisted men and flying cadets in the Army Air Corps: Provided further, That no part of this or any other appropriation contained in this Act shall be available for the pay of any person, civil or military, not a citizen of the United States, unless in the employ of the Government or in a pay status on July 1, 1937, under appropriations for the War Department, nor for the pay of any such person beyond the period of enlistment or termination of employment, but nothing herein shall be construed as applying to instructors of foreign languages at the Military Academy, or to Filipinos in the Army Transport Serv- ice, or to persons employed outside of the continental limits of the United States except enlisted men of the Regular Army, other than Philippine Scouts, upon expiration of enlistment, and this provision shall be subject to the provisions of the Act entitled "An Act for the protection of certain enlisted men of the Army", approved August 19, 1937: Provided further, That, without deposit to the credit of the Treasurer of the United States and withdrawal on money requisi- tions, receipts of public moneys from sales or other sources by officers of the Army on disbursing duty and charged in their official accounts except receipts to be credited to river and harbor and flood-control appropriations and retirement deductions, may be used by them as required for current expenditures, all necessary bookkeeping adjust- ments of appropriations, funds, and accounts to be made in the settlement of their disbursing accounts. No payment shall be made from money appropriated in this Act to any officer on the retired list of the Army who, for himself or for others, is engaged in the selling of, contracting for the sale of, or negotiating for the sale of, to the Army or the War Department, any war materials or supplies. No appropriation for the pay of the Army shall be available for the pay of any officer or enlisted man on the active list of the Army who is engaged in any manner with any publication which is or may be issued by or for any branch or organization of the Army or mili- tary association in which officers or enlisted men have membership and which carries paid advertising of firms doing business with the War Department: Provided, however, That nothing herein contained shall be construed to prohibit officers from writing or disseminating articles in accordance with regulations issued by the Secretary of War. 355 Contract surgeons; nurses. Rent, subsistence, etc. Payment of ex- change by officers serving in foreign countries. Accounting. Provisos. No allowance to officer owning mount. 35 Stat. 108. Enlisted men etc., in Army Air (orps, number. 41 Stat. 768. 10 U. . C., Snpp. v, §291. Citizenship require- ment. Not applicable to designated persons. 50Stat. 896. Receipts of public moneys from sales, etc., use. Retired officer sell- ing supplies to Army, pay restriction. Officers, etc., en- gaged with certain service publications, pay restriction. Proieo. Writing, etc., f articles by officer