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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , 3D SESS.-CH. 343 -JUNE 13, 1940 cleaning and laundering of uniforms and clothing at camps; and to forage, at the expense of the United States, public animals so issued, and to pay commutation in lieu of uniforms at a rate to be fixed annu- ally by the Secretary of War; for transporting said animals and other authorized supplies and equipment from place of issue to the several institutions and training camps and return of same to place of issue when necessary; for purchase of training manuals, including Govern- ment publications and blank forms; for the establishment and main- tenance of camps for the further practical instruction of the members of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps, and for transporting members of such corps to and from such camps, and to subsist them while traveling to and from such camps and while remaining therein so far as appropriations will permit, or, in lieu of transporting them to and from such camps and subsisting them while en route, to pay them travel allowance at the rate of 5 cents per mile for the distance by the shortest usually traveled route from the places from which they are authorized to proceed to the camp and for the return travel thereto, and to pay the return travel pay in advance of the actual performance of the travel; for expenses incident to the use including upkeep and depreciation costs, of supplies, equipment, and materiel furnished in accordance with law from stocks under the control of the War Depart- ment; for pay for students attending advanced camps at the rate prescribed for soldiers of the seventh grade of the Regular Army; for the payment of commutation of subsistence to members of the senior division of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps, at a rate not exceeding the cost of the garrison ration prescribed for the Army, as authorized in the Act approved June 3, 1916, as amended by the Act approved June 4,1920 (10 U. S . C . 387) for the medical and hospital treatment of members of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps, who suffer personal injury or contract disease in line of duty, and for other expenses in connection therewith, including pay and allowances, sub- sistence, transportation, and burial expenses, as authorized by the Act of June 15, 1936 (49 Stat. 1507); for mileage, traveling expenses, or transportation, for transportation of dependents, and for packing and transportation of baggage, as authorized by law, for officers, warrant officers, and enlisted men of the Regular Army traveling on duty per- taining to or on detail to or relief from duty with the Reserve Officers' Training Corps; for the purchase, maintenance, repair, and operation of motor vehicles, including station wagons, $4,931,417, of which amount $400,000 shall be available immediately: Provided, That the Secretary of War is authorized to issue, without charge, in lieu of purchase, for the use of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps, so many horses now belonging to the Regular Army as he may consider desirable: Provided,That uniforms and other equipment or material issued to the Reserve Officers' Training Corps in accordance with law shall be furnished from surplus stocks of the War Department with- out payment from this appropriation, except for actual expense incurred in the manufacture or issue: Provided further, That in no case shall the amount paid from this appropriation for uniforms, equipment, or material furnished to the Reserve Officers' Training Corps from stocks under the control of the War Department be in excess of the price current at the time the issue is made: Provided further, That none of the funds appropriated in this Act shall be used for the organization or maintenance of an additional number of mounted, motor transport, or tank units in the Reserve Officers' Train- ing Corps in excess of the numler in existence on January 1, 1928: Provided further, That none of the funds appropriated in this Act shall be available for any expense on account of any student in Air Corps, Dental Corps, or Veterinary units not a member of such units 375 Training amps, etc. Travel allowance. Pay of students at- tending advanced camps. Subsistence com- mutation, senior divi- sion. 39 Stat. 193; 41 Stat. 778. Medical, etc., treat- ment. 10 U. S. C., Supp. V, §§ 455a-455d . Vehicles. Protisoa. Issuo of Army horses. Uniforms, etc., from War Department sur- plus stocks Price. Limitation on num- ber of mounted, etc., units. Post, p. 970. Air Corps, etc., students, expenses; enrollments.