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374 Medical and hospi- tal treatment. 10 U. S. C., Supp. V, §§ 455a-455d . Flight training, re - striction. Post, p . 970. Proviso. Organized Reserve headquarters. Restriction on use of other funds; excep- tions. Restriction on use of funds for pension- ers, etc. Proviso. Surrender of pen- sion. Reserve officer on active duty, pay re- striction; exceptions. 41 Stat. 760 763 10 U. S. C., Supp. V, § 26 (note). 53 Stat. 557. 10 U. S. C., Supp. V, § 369a. Proviso. Medical Reserve Corps. Pay, etc., of certain officers and nurses. Post, pp. 874, 970. Supplies, etc. PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 343-JUNE 13, 1940 officers ordered to active duty for not less than six months; for the medical and hospital treatment of members of the Officers' Reserve Corps and of the Enlisted Reserve Corps, who suffer personal injury or contract disease in line of duty, as provided by the Act of June 15, 1936 (49 Stat. 1507), and for such other purposes in connection there- with as are authorized by the said Act, including pay and allowances, subsistence, transportation, and burial expenses; in all, $32,107,455; and no part of such amount shall be available for any expense incident to giving flight training to any officer of the Officers' Reserve Corps unless he shall be found physically and professionally qualified to perform aviation service as an aviation pilot, by such agency as the Secretary of War may designate: Provided, That not to exceed $213,750 of this appropriation may be used for establishment, opera- tion, and maintenance of Organized Reserve headquarters. None of the funds appropriated elsewhere in this Act, except for printing and binding, field exercises, and for pay and allowances of officers and enlisted men of the Regular Army, and for mileage, reimbursement of actual traveling expenses, or per-diem allowances in lieu thereof, as authorized by law, to Air Corps Reserve officers on extended active duty, shall be used for expenses in connection with the Organized Reserves, but available supplies and existing facilities at military posts shall be utilized to the fullest extent practicable. No appropriation made in this Act shall be available for pay, allow- ances, or traveling or other expenses of any officer of the Organized Reserves who may be drawing a pension, disability allowance, dis- ability compensation, or retired pay from the Government of the United States: Provided, That nothing in this provision shall be so construed as to prevent the application of funds herein contained to the pay, allowances, or traveling expenses of any officer or enlisted man of the Reserve Corps who may surrender said pension, disability allowance, disability compensation, or retired pay for the period of his active duty in the Reserve Corps. No appropriation made in this Act shall be expended for the pay of a Reserve officer on active duty for a longer period than fifteen days, except such as may be detailed for duty with the War Depart- ment General Staff under section 3a and section 5 (b) of the National Defense Act, as amended (10 U. S. C. 26, 37), or who may be detailed for courses of instruction at the general or special service schools of the Army, or to Corps Area staff schools, or for duty as instructors at civilian military training camps, appropriated for in this Act, or who may be detailed to active duty with the Regular Army under the provisions of the Act of April 3, 1939, or whose fifteen-day train- ing period may be increased by not to exceed fifteen additional days, or who may be detailed to duties for which officers of the Regular Army are not available: Provided, That the pay and allowances of such additional officers and nurses of the Medical Reserve Corps as are required to supplement the like officers and nurses of the Regular Army in the care of beneficiaries of the United States Veterans' Administration treated in Army hospitals may be paid from the funds allotted to the War Department by that Administration under existing law. CITIZENS' MILITARY TRAINING RESERVE OFFICERS' TRAINING CORPS For the procurement, maintenance, and issue, under such regula- tions as may be prescribed by the Secretary of War, to institutions at which one or more units of the Reserve Officers' Training Corps are maintained, of such public animals, means of transportation, supplies tentage, equipment, and uniforms as he may deem necessary, including [54 STAT.