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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG., 3D SESS.-CH. 343 -JUNE 13, 1940 tion for uniforms, equipment, or materiel furnished in accordance with law for use at citizens' military training camps from stocks under the control of the War Department be m excess of the price current at the time the issue is made. NATIONAL BOARD FOR PROMOTION OF RIFLE PRACTICE, ARMY Promotion of rifle practice: For construction, equipment, and maintenance of rifle ranges, the instruction of citizens in marksman- ship, and promotion of practice in the use of rifled arms; for arms, ammunition, targets, and other accessories for target practice, for issue and sale in accordance with rules and regulations prescribed by the National Board for the Promotion of Rifle Practice and approved by the Secretary of War; for clerical services, including not exceeding $25,000 in the District of Columbia; for procurement of materials, supplies, trophies, prizes, badges, services, and such other items as are authorized in section 113, Act of June 3, 1916, and under this head in War Department Appropriation Act of June 7, 1924; for the conduct of the national matches, including incidental travel of rifle teams and of individuals and of Marine Corps and other detachments required in the operation of the matches and including incidental travel of rifle teams and individuals attending regional, national, and international competitions, and for the pur- chase of medals and badges for use in National Rifle Association competitions, including those fired as a part of the national matches; for mileage at 8 cents per mile for members of the National Board for the Promotion of Rifle Practice when authorized by the Secre- tary of War, any provision of law to the contrary notwithstanding; and for maintenance of the National Board for the Promotion of Rifle Practice, including not to exceed $4,500 for incidental expenses in addition to the amount authorized by Act of May 28 1928; to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of War, $732,710. EMERGENCY FUND FOR THE PRESIDENT 377 Promotion of rifle practice. Ante, p. 373. Instruction expen- ses, etc. Supplies, etc 39 Stat. 211; 43 Stat. 610. 32U.S.C.§6183, 186, 181. National matches, etc. Mileage for Board members. Maintenance of Board. 45 Stat. 786. 32U.S. C.§181c. Ante, p. 297; post, p. 1126. To enable the President, through the appropriate agencies of the Emergencies affect- Government, without reference to section 3709, Revised Statutes, to and defense. provide for emergencies affecting the national security and defense 41"U.. C. 5 . and for each and every purpose connected therewith, including all of the objects and purposes specified under any appropriation available or to be made available to the War Department for the fiscal years 1940 and 1941; the furnishing of Government-owned facilities at facilovenentowned privately owned plants; the procurement and training of civilian ivilian personnel. personnel necessary in connection with the production of critical and essential items of equipment and material and the use or operation thereof; and the procurement of strategic and critical materials in mataeritscandcrit accordance with the Act of June 7, 1939, $66,000,000; to be imme- 3Stat. 811. 50 U. S. C., Supp, diately and continuously available until June 30, 1942; and, in v, §a98-f. addition, the President is authorized, through such agencies, on Contracts. and after the enactment hereof, to enter into contracts for the same purposes to an amount not exceeding $66,000,000: Provided, That an APon Accounting; report account shall be kept of all expenditures made or authorized here- to Congress. under, and a report thereon shall be submitted to the Congress on or before June 30, 1942. No part of the appropriations made in this Act shall be available A ', I 'n etd e for the salary or pay of any officer, manager, superintendent, fore- e man, or other person having charge of the work of any employee of the United States Government while making or causing to be made with a stop watch, or other time-measuring device, a time study of any job of any such employee between the starting and completion