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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 395-JUNE 18, 1940 services of the United States, insane civilians in the quartermaster service of the Army, insane persons transferred from the Canal Zone who have been admitted to the hospital and who are indigent Ins s an U daS. citi- American citizens legally adjudged insane in the Dominion of zens in Canada. Canada whose legal residence in one of the States, Territories, or the District of Columbia it has been impossible to establish, insane beneficiaries of the United States Employees' Compensation Com- mission, insane beneficiaries of the United States Veterans' Admin- istration, and insane Indian beneficiaries of the Bureau of Indian Vehicles. Affairs, including not exceeding $27,000 for the purchase, exchange, maintenance, repair, and operation of motor-propelled passenger- carrying vehicles for the use of the superintendent, purchasing agent, Repairs, etc. , to and general hospital business, and including not to exceed $185,000 buildings and grounds. for repairs and improvements to buildings and grounds, and not to exceed $35,000 for the purchase of uniforms for employees, $1,275,285, including cooperation with organizations or individuals in scientific research into the nature, causes, prevention, and treatment of mental illness, and including maintenance and operation of necessary facili- ties for feeding employees and others (at not less than cost), and the proceeds therefrom shall reimburse the appropriation for the insti- Removalotf ptients tution; and not exceeding $1,500 of this sum may be expended in the their friends removal of patients to their friends; not exceeding $1,000 for expenses of attendance at meetings or conventions concerned with the work of psychiatry, medicine, and other scientific subjects of interest to Saint Elizabeths Hospital, when specifically authorized by the Secretary of the Interior; not exceeding $1,500 in the purchase of such books, periodicals, and newspapers as may be required for the purposes of the hospital and for the medical library, and not exceeding $1,500 for the actual and necessary expenses incurred in the apprehension and return to the hospital of escaped patients: oo int Provided, That so much of this sum as may be required shall be no longer Federal available for all necessary expenses in ascertaining the residence of charges. inmates who are not or who cease to be properly chargeable to Federal maintenance in the institution and in returning them to such Mail facilities. places of residence: Provided further, That not exceeding $200 addi- tional may be paid to two employees to provide mail facilities for Butter substitutes, patients in the hospital: Provided further, That no part of this appropriation shall be expended for the plrchase of oleomargarine Payment for care of or bltter substitiutes except for cooking lpirl)oses: Pro?,ided further, patietits from 1). C ., etc. m Tlhat durilg the fiscal year 1941 the District of Columbia, or any branch of the Government requiring Saint Elizabeths Hospital to care for patients for which they are responsible, shall pay by check to the Superintendent, upon his written request, either In advance or at the end of each month, all or part of the estimated or actual cost of such maintenance, as the case may be, and bills rendered by the Superintendent of Saint Elizabeths Hospital in accordance here- with shall not be subject to audit or certification in advance of payment; proper adjustments on the basis of the actual cost of the care of patients paid for in advance shall be made monthly or quarterly, as may be agreed upon between the Superintendent of Saint Elizabeths Hospital and the District of Columbia government, Accounting. department, or establishments concerned. All sums paid to the Superintendent of Saint Elizabeths Hospital for the care of patients that he is authorized by law to receive shall be deposited to the credit on the books of the Treasury Department of the appropriation made for the care and maintenance of the patients at Saint Eliza- beths Hospital for the year in which the support, clothing, and treatment is provided, and be subject to requisition upon the approval of the Secretary of the Interior. 460 [54 STAT.