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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG., 3 0 SESS.-CH. 395-JUNE 18, 1940 COLUMBIA INSTITUTION FOR THE DEAF For support of the institution, including salaries and incidental expenses, books and illustrative apparatus, and general repairs and improvements, $143,000. HOWARD UNIVERSITY Salaries: For payment in full or in part of the salaries of the officers, professors, teachers, and other regular employees of the university, the balance to be paid from privately contributed funds, $567,160; General expenses: For equipment, supplies, apparatus, furniture, cases and shelving, stationery, ice, repairs to buildings and grounds, and for other necessary expenses, $180,000; Total, Howard University, $747,160. FREEDMEN'S HOSPITAL For officers and employees and compensation for all other pro- fessional and other services that may be required and expressly approved by the Secretary of the Interior, $363,620; for subsistence, fuel and light, not exceeding $1,000 for expenses of attendance upon meetings of a technical nature, pertaining to hospital administration and medical advancement, when authorized by the Secretary of the Interior, clothing, to include white duck suits and white canvas shoes for the use of internes, and cotton or duck uniforms or aprons for cooks, maids, and attendants, and rubber surgical gloves, bedding, forage, medicine, medical and surgical supplies, surgical instruments, electric lights, repairs, replacement of X-ray apparatus, furniture; purchase, maintenance, and operation of passenger-carrying vehicles, including not exceeding $1,500 for the purchase of books, periodicals, and newspapers; and not to exceed $2,000 for the special instruction of pupil nurses, and other absolutely necessary expenses, $208,305; in all, for Freedmen's Hospital, $571,925, including reimbursement to the appropriation for Howard University of actual cost of heat and light furnished, of which amount of $571,925 one-half shall be chargeable to the District of Columbia and paid in like manner as other appropriations of the District of Columbia are paid. SEC. 2 . Appropriations herein made for field work shall be avail- able for the hire, with or without personal services, of work animals and animal-drawn and motor-propelled vehicles and equipment. SEC. 3 . Appropriations herein made shall be available for the purchase, maintenance, operation, and repair of vehicles generally known as quarter-ton or half-ton pick-up trucks and as station wagons without such vehicles being considered as passenger-carrying vehicles and without the cost of purchase, maintenance, operation, and repair being included in the limitation in the various appropria- tion items for the purchase, maintenance, operation, and repair of motor-driven passenger-carrying vehicles. SEC. 4 . The total amount used on an annual basis for administrative within-grade promotions for officers and employees under any appro- priation or other fund made available in this Act shall not exceed the amount determined by the Bureau of the Budget to be available for such purpose on the basis of the Budget estimate for such appro- priation or fund exclusive of new money in any such Budget estimate for such administrative promotions. SEC. 5. No part of any appropriation contained in this Act or authorized hereby to be expended shall be used to pay the compen- Salaries, mainte. nance, etc. Salaries. General expenses. Personal services. Contingent ex- penses. Division ofexpenses. Hire of work anl- mals, etc. Pick-tip trucks. Appropriations available for purchase, etc. Administrative within-grade promo- tions. Citizenship require- ment.