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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , 3D SESS.-CH. 396-JUNE 18, 1940 $1,500; assistant doorkeeper, $2,880; messengers-three (acting as assistant doorkeepers) at $2,400 each; thirty (including four for minority) at $1,740 each; four at $1,620 each; one at card door, $2,640, and $240 additional so long as the position is held by the present incumbent; clerk on Journal work for Congressional Record to be selected by the Official Reporters, $3,360; upholsterer and lock- smith, $2,600; cabinetmaker, $2,040; three carpenters at $2,040 each; janitor, $2,400; five skilled laborers, $1,680 each; laborer in charge of private passage, $1,740; four female attendants in charge of ladies' retiring rooms, at $1,500 each; three female attendants in charge of ladies' retiring rooms Senate Office Building, at $1,500 each; attend- ant authorized by S. les. 252 adopted May 13, 1938, $1,500; telephone operators-chief $2,460 and $280 additional so long as the position is held by the present incumbent; fourteen at $1,620 each; laborer in charge of Senate toilet rooms in old library space, $1,200; press gal- lery-superintendent, $3,660; assistant superintendent, $2,520; assist- ant superintendent, $2,400; messengers for service to press corre- spondents-four at $1,440 each; laborers-three at $1,380 each, thirty at $1,260 each, three at $480 each- special employees-seven at $1,000 each; twenty-one pages for the Senate Chamber, at the rate of $4 per day each, during the session, $15,204; in all, $269,044. Police force for Senate Office Building under the Sergeant at Arms: Lieutenant, $1,740; special officer, $1,740; thirty-one privates at $1,620 each; in all, $53,700. POST OFFICE Salaries: Postmaster, $3,600; assistant postmaster, $2,880; Chief Clerk, $2,460; wagon master, $2,280; twenty-six mail carriers, at $1,620 each; in all, $53,340. FOLDING ROOM Salaries: Foreman, $2,460; assistant, $2,160; clerk, $1,740; folders- chief, $2,040, fourteen at $1,440 each; in all, $28,560. CONTINGENT EXPENSES OF THE SENATE Vice President's automobile: For purchase, exchange, driving, maintenance, and operation of an automobile for the Vice President, $4,000. Reporting Senate proceedings: For reporting the debates and pro- ceedings of the Senate, payable in equal monthly installments, $60,340. Furniture: For services in cleaning, repairing, and varnishing furniture, $2,000. For materials for furniture and repairs of same, exclusive of labor, and for the purchase of furniture, $8,000. Inquiries and investigations: For expenses of inquiries and investi- gations ordered by the Senate, including compensation to stenogra- phers of committees, at such rate as may be fixed by the Committee to Audit and Control the Contingent Expenses of the Senate, but not exceeding 25 cents per hundred words, $150,000: Provided, That no part of this appropriation shall be expended for per diem and subsistence expenses except in accordance with the provisions of the Subsistence Expense Act of 1926, approved June 3, 1926, as amended. For expenses of compiling Senate contested election cases as author- ized by Senate Resolution Numbered 229, agreed to February 7, 1940, $2,000 to be immediately available. Joint Committee on Internal Revenue Taxation: For payment of one-half of the salaries and other expenses of the Joint Committee on Internal Revenue Taxation as authorized by law, $28,250. 193470°-41 -PT . I- -30 465 Post, p. 1030. Police force for Senate Office Build. ing. Salaries. Salaries. Automobile for Vice President. Iltlorting Senate proxcedings. Furniture. Inquiries and inves tigations. Poet, p. 628. Proviso. Per diem. etc. 44 Stat. 688. 5U.S.C. §821-833. Senate contested election cases. Joint Committee on Internal Revenue Taxation. Post, p. 470.