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466 PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 396-JUNE 18, 1940 [54 STAT. Folding documents. Folding documents: For folding speeches and pamphlets at a rate not exceeding $1 per thousand, $18,000. For materials for folding, $1,500. Fuel, etc. Fuel, and so forth: For fuel, oil, cotton waste, and advertising, exclusive of labor, $2,000. Senate restaurants. Senate restaurants: For repairs, improvements, equipment, and Post, p. 10. supplies for Senate kitchens and restaurants, Capitol Building, and Senate Office Building, including personal and other services, to be expended from the contingent fund of the Senate, under the super- vision of the Committee on Rules, United States Senate, $35,000. Motor vehicles. Motor vehicles: For maintaining, exchanging, and equipping motor vehicles for carrying the mails and for official use of the offices of the Secretary and Sergeant at Arms, $8,760. Miscellaneous tem. Miscellaneous items: For miscellaneous items, exclusive of labor, $350,000. Packing boxes. Packing boxes: For packing boxes, $970. Postagestamps. Postage stamps: For office of Secretary, $350; office of Sergeant at Arms, $150; in all, $500. Stationery. Stationery: For stationery for Senators and for the President of the Senate, including $7,500 for stationery for committees and officers of the Senate, $19,500. Bent of warehouse. Rent: For rent of warehouse for storage of public documents, $2,000. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES SALABRES AND M-IEAGE OF MEMBERS Compensation. Mileage. Officers, clerks, etc. Salaries. Salaries. Digest of the Rules. Chaplain Salaries. For compensation of Members of the House of Representatives, Delegates from Territories, and the Resident Commissioner from Puerto Rico, $4,385,000. For mileage of Representatives, the Delegate from Hawaii, and the Resident Commissioner from Puerto Rico, and for expenses of the Delegate from Alaska, $171,000. For compensation of officers, clerks, messengers, and others: OFFICE OF THE SPEAKER Salaries: Secretary to the Speaker, $4,620; three clerks to the Speaker, at $2,400 each; messenger to Speaker $1,680; in all, $13,500. THE SPEAKER'S TABLE Salaries: Parliamentarian $5,000, and $2,500 additional so long as the position is held by the present incumbent, and for preparing Digest of the Rules, $1,000 per annum; Assistant Parliamentarian, $2,760 and $750 additional so long as the position is held by the present incumbent; messenger to Speaker's Table, $1,740; in all, S13,750. CHAPLAIN Chaplain of the House of Representatives, $1,680. OFFICE OF THE CLERK Salaries: Clerk of the House of Representatives, including com- pensation as disbursing officer of the contingent fund, $8,000; Jour- nal clerk, two reading clerks, and tally clerk, at $5,000 each; enrolling clerk, $4,000; disbursing clerk, $3,960 and $1,040 additional so long as the position is held by the present incumbent; file clerk, $3,780; chief bill clerk, $3,540; assistant enrolling clerk, $3,900; assistant to disbursing clerk, $3,120; stationery clerk, $2,880; librarian, $2,760;