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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG., 3D SESS.-CH. 396-JUNE 18, 1940 $6,500, to be expended under the direction of the Committee on Revision of the Laws. Clerk's office, special assistance: For assistants in compiling lists of reports to be made to Congress by public officials; compiling copy and revising proofs for the House portion of the Official Regis- ter; preparing and indexing the statistical reports of the Clerk of the House; compiling the telephone and Members' directories; pre- paring and indexing the daily calendars of business; preparing the official statement of Members' voting records; preparing lists of congressional nominees and statistical summary of elections; pre- paring and indexing questions of order printed in the Appendix to the Journal pursuant to House Rule III; for recording and filing statements of political committees and candidates for election to the House of Representatives pursuant to the Federal Corrupt Practices Act, 1925 (2 U. S . C . 241 -256); and for such other assist- ance as the Clerk of the House may deem necessary and proper in the conduct of the business of his office, $4,500: Provided, That no part of this appropriation shall be used to augment the annual salary of any employee of the House of Representatives. Compiling testimony in contested-election cases: For services in compiling, arranging for the printer, reading proof, indexing testi- mony, stenography and typewriting, supervision of the work, and expenses incurred in the contested-election cases of the Seventy-fifth and Seventy-sixth Congresses, as authorized by the Act entitled "An Act relating to contested elections", approved March 2, 1887 (2 U. S. C . 201-226), $1,250. Speaker's automobile: For exchange, driving, maintenance, repair, and operation of an automobile for the Speaker, $4,000. CAPITOL POLICE Salaries: Captain, $2,700; three lieutenants, at $1,740 each; two special officers, at $1,740 each; three sergeants, at $1,680 each; fifty- two privates, at $1,620 each; one-half of said privates to be selected by the Sergeant at Arms of the Senate and one-half by the Sergeant at Arms of the House; in all, $100,680: Provided, That no part of any appropriation contained in this Act shall be paid as compen- sation to any person appointed after June 30 1935, as an officer or member of the Capitol Police (including those for the Senate and House Office Buildings) who does not meet the standards to be prescribed for such appointees by the Capitol Police Board: Providedfurther,That the Capitol Police Board is hereby authorized to detail police from the House and Senate Office Buildings for police duty on the Capitol Grounds. General expenses: For purchasing and supplying uniforms, pur- chase, exchange, maintenance, and repair of motor-propelled pas- senger-carrying vehicles, contingent expenses, including $25 per month for extra services performed by a member of such force for the Capitol Police Board, $9,400. One-half of the foregoing amounts under "Capitol Police" shall be disbursed by the Secretary of the Senate and one-half by the Clerk of the House. JOINT COMMITTEE ON PRINTING Salaries: Clerk, $4,000 and $800 additional so long as the position is held by the present incumbent; inspector under section 20 of the Act approved January 12, 1895 (44 U. S . C. 49), $2,820; assistant clerk and stenographer, $2,640; for expenses of compiling, preparing, and indexing the Congressional Directory, $1,600; in all, $11,860, one- 471 Clerk's office, spe- cial assistance. Official Register. 43 Stat. 1070. Proviso. Restriction on use of funds. Contested-election cases. 24 Stat. 445. 2 U.S.C. 223. Automobile for Speaker. Salaries. Provisos. Standards required. Details for duty on Capitol Orounds. General expenses. Division of disburse- ments. Salaries. 28 Stat.603. Congressional Di- rectory.