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[54 STAT. PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 396-JUNE 18, 1940 CLERK HIRE, MEMBERS, AND DELEGATES Clerk hire. For clerk hire necessarily employed by each Member and Delegate, and the Resident Commissioner from Puerto Rico, in the discharge of his official and representative duties, in accordance with the Act entitled "An Act to fix the compensation of officers and employees of 46 stat. 38; 53 stat. the legislative branch of the Government", approved June 20, 1929, U. S . C .c 60b; as amended by the Act of July 25, 1939, $2,847,000. Supp. V,§ 60b. CONTINGENT EXPENSES OF THE HOUSE Furniture, etc. Furniture: For furniture and materials for repairs of the same, including not to exceed $29,000 for labor, tools, and machinery for furniture repair shops, $45,000. Packing boxes. Packing boxes: For packing boxes, $3,000: Provided, That no part Restriction. of this appropriation shall be used to furnish a packing box to any Representative, Delegate, or Resident Commissioner for any session of Congress unless request therefor has been made not later than thirty days after the sine die adjournment of any such session. Miscellaneous Miscellaneous items: For miscellaneous items, exclusive of salaries t ems. unless specifically ordered by the House of Representatives, including reimbursement to the official stenographers to committees for the amounts actually paid out by them for transcribing hearings, and including materials for folding, $97,500. Reporting commit- Reporting committee hearings: For stenographic reports of hear- teechearings. ings of committees other than special and select committees, $25,000. specia and select Special and select committees: For expenses of special and select Pot, p.62s. committees authorized by the House, $100,000. Joint Committee,, 1 Joint Committee on Internal Revenue Taxation: For payment of ation. one-half of the salaries and other expenses of the Joint Committee Anc, p.w46. on Internal Revenue Taxation as authorized by law, $28,250. Funeralexpenses Funeral expenses: No part of the appropriations contained herein for the contingent expenses of the House of Representatives shall be used to defray the expenses of any committee consisting of more than six persons (not more than four from the House and not more than two from the Senate), nor to defray the expenses of any other person except the Sergeant at Arms of the House or a representative of his office, and except the widow or minor children or both of the deceased, to attend the funeral rites and burial of any person who at the time of his or her death is a Representative, a Delegate from a Territory, or a Resident Commissioner from Puerto Rico. Telegraph and tele- Telegraph and telephone: For telegraph and telephone service, phone service. exclusive of personal services, $130,000. Stationery. Stationery: For stationery for Representatives, Delegates, and the Resident Commissioner from Puerto Rico, for the first session of the Seventy-seventh Congress, and for stationery for the use of the com- mittees and officers of the House (not to exceed $5,000), $92,600. Attending physi- Attending physician's office: For medical supplies, equipment, and Post, p.6 . contingent expenses of the emergency room and for the attending physician and his assistants, including an allowance of not to exceed $30 per month each to three assistants as provided by the House resolutions adopted July 1, 1930, and January 20, 1932, $4,000, of which sum $500 shall be available immediately. Postage stamps. Postage stamps: Postmaster, $200; Clerk, $400; Sergeant at Arms, $250; Doorkeeper, $100; in all, $950. Folding documents. Folding documents: For folding speeches and pamphlets, at a rate not exceeding $1 per thousand, $30,000, of which sum $6,000 shall be available immediately. Revision olaws. Revision of laws: For preparation and editing of the laws as authorized, by the Act approved May 29, 1928 (1 U. S. C., 59), 470