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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG. , 3D SESS.-CH. 396-JUNE 18, 1940 LIBRARY BUILDINGS Salaries: For the superintendent disbursing officer, and other per- sonal services, in accordance with the Classification Act of 1923, as amended, including special and temporary services and special serv- ices of regular employees in connection with the custody, care and maintenance of the Library Buildings, in the discretion of the Librarian (not exceeding $750), at rates to be fixed by the Librarian, $287,406. For extra services of employees and additional employees under the Librarian to provide for the opening of the Library Buildings on Sundays and on holidays, at rates to be fixed by the Librarian, $10,880. For mail, delivery, including purchase or exchange, maintenance, operation, and repair of a motor-propelled passenger-carrying vehicle, and telephone services, rubber boots, rubber coats, and other special clothing for workmen, uniforms for guards and elevator conductors, medical supplies, equipment, and contingent expenses for the emergency room, stationery, miscellaneous supplies, and all other incidental expenses in connection with the custody and main- tenance of the Library Buildings, $16,700. LIBRARY OF CONGRESS TRUST FUND BOARD For any expense of the Library of Congress Trust Fund Board not properly chargeable to the income of any trust fund held by the Board, $500. GOVERNMENT PRINTING OFFICE WORKING CAPITAL AND CONGRESSIONAL PRINTING AND BINDING To provide the Public Printer with a working capital for the fol- lowing purposes for the execution of printing, binding, lithographing, mapping, engraving, and other authorized work of the Government Printing Office for the various branches of the Government: For sal- aries of Public Printer and Deputy Public Printer; for salaries, com- pensation, or wages of all necessary officers and employees additional to those herein appropriated for, including employees necessary to handle waste paper and condemned material for sale; to enable the Public Printer to comply with the provisions of law granting holidays and half holidays and Executive orders granting holidays and half holidays with pay to employees; to enable the Public Printer to com- ply with the provisions of law granting leave to employees with pay, said pay to be at the rate for their regular positions at the time the leave is granted; rental of buildings and equipment, fuel, gas, heat, electric current, gas and electric fixtures; bicycles, motor-propelled vehicles for the carriage of printing and printing supplies, and the maintenance, repair, and operation of the same, to be used only for official purposes, including operation, repair, and maintenance of motor-propelled passenger-carrying vehicles, and the purchase or exchange of two such passenger vehicles (at a cost, including the allow- ance on any vehicle given in part payment therefor, of not to exceed $1,000 and $750, respectively), for official use of the officers of the Government Printing Office when in writing ordered by the Public Printer; freight, expressage, telegraph and telephone service, furni- ture, typewriters, and carpets; traveling expenses; stationery, postage, and advertising; directories, technical books, newspapers and maga- zines, and books of reference (not exceeding $500); adding and numbering machines, time stamps, and other machines of similar 477 Salaries. 42 Stat. 1488. 5U.8.S. §.661-674; Supp. V , §§ 673, 673c. Sunday, etc., open- ing. Incidentals. Expenses. Working capital for execution of printing, binding, etc. Salaries, etc. Leave to employees with pay. Vehicles. Freight, etc.