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[54 STAT. PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 396-JUNE 18, 1940 Machinery. character; rubber boots, coats, and gloves; machinery (not exceeding $300,000); equipment, and for repairs to machinery, implements, and buildings, and for minor alterations to buildings; necessary equip- ment, maintenance, and supplies for the emergency room for the use of all employees in the Government Printing Office who may be taken suddenly ill or receive injury while on duty; other necessary contingent and miscellaneous items authorized by the Public Printer; for expenses authorized in writing by the Joint Committee on Print- ing for the inspection of printing and binding equipment, material, and supplies and Government printing plants in the District of Indexes, Congres- Columbia or elsewhere (not exceeding $1,000); for salaries and onaecor. expenses of preparing the semimonthly and session indexes of the Congressional Record under the direction of the Joint Committee on Printing (chief indexer at $3,480, one cataloger at $3,180, two Federal Register. catalogers at $2,460 each, and one cataloger at $2,100); for the print- ing and distribution of the Federal Register in accordance with the 49 Stat. 500. V provisions of the Act approved July 26, 1935; and for all the neces- i§ 301-314 . p sary labor, paper, materials, and equipment needed in the prosecution Printing and bind- and delivery and mailing of the work; in all, $3,820,000; to which ing' sum shall be charged the printing and binding authorized to be done for Congress including supplemental and deficiency estimates of appropriations, the printing, binding, and distribution of the Federal Register (not exceeding $120,000), the printing and binding for use of the Government Printing Office, and printing and binding (not exceeding $2,000) for official use of the Architect of the Capitol upon requisition of the Secretary of the Senate, in all to an amount not Return of nnex- exceeding $2,820,000: Provided, That not less than $1,000,000 of such pended balance. working capital shall be returned to the Treasury as an unexpended balance not later than six months after the close of the fiscal year 1941. Pinoting and bind- Printing and binding for Congress chargeable to the foregoing appropriation, when recommended to be done by the Committee on Printing of either House, shall be so recommended in a report con- taining an approximate estimate of the cost thereof, together with a statement from the Public Printer of estimated approximate cost of work previously ordered by Congress within the fiscal year for which this appropriation is made. Payment for work During the fiscal year 1941 any executive department or inde- ordered by depart- ents, etc. t pendent establishment of the Government ordering printing and binding from the Government Printing Office shall pay promptly by check to the Public Printer upon his written request, either in advance or upon completion of the work, all or part of the estimated or actual cost thereof, as the case may be, and bills rendered by the Public Printer in accordance herewith shall not be subject to audit or certifi- Adjustents. cation in advance of payment: Provided That proper adjustments on the basis of the actual cost of delivered work paid for in advance shall be made monthly or quarterly and as may be agreed upon by the Public Printer and the department or establishment concerned. Creodtofrin,,yts All sums paid to the Public Printer for work that he is authorized by law to do shall be deposited to the credit, on the books of the Treasury Department, of the appropriation made for the working capital of the Government Printing Office for the year in which the work is done, and be subject to requisition by the Public Printer. ting attesd eird- All amounts in the Budget for the fiscal year 1942 for printing ments. and binding for any department or establishment, so far as the Bureau of the Budget may deem practicable, shall be incorporated in a single item for printing and binding for such department or establishment and be eliminated as a part of any estimate for any other purpose. And if any amounts for printing and binding, including the total cost of work produced on the multilith, multi- 478