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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG., 3D SESS.-CH. 717-SEPT. 9 , 1940 877 Navy Yard, Norfolk, Virginia: Improvement of power plant, Norfolk, Va. $430,000; improvement of distributing systems, $515,000. Navy Yard, Pearl Harbor, Territory of Hawaii: Completion of PearlHarbor, T.H. twenty-five ton floating derrick, YD69, $150,000; improvement and rearrangement of shop buildings, $200,000; extension of administra- tion building and accessories, $270,000; fifteen- and twenty-five-ton traveling cranes for repair basin, $200,000; automatic telephone system, $50,000; fire engine, $10,000; fleet landings and accessories, $55,000. Navy Yard, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Extension of structural Philadelph,Pa. assembly shop and accessories, $385,000; outside power connection to public utility company, $50,000; lighting boundary fence, $60,000. Navy Yard, Portsmouth, New Hampshire: Extension of fitting-out Portamouth, N . H. berth, $275,000; outside power connection to public-utility company, $50,000. Navy Yard, Puget Sound, Washington: Extension of shipfitters' Pugets8ud,Wash. shop, assembly bay, and accessories, $450,000; connecting tunnel, dry- dock numbered 3 to drydock numbered 1 pumphouse, $100,000; outside power connection to public-utility company, $35,000; completion of electric system on pier numbered 6, $150,000; improvement of electric system on pier numbered 4, $90,000; improvement of central power plant, $300,000. Navy Yard, Washington, District of Columbia: Weight-handling Washngton, D . c. and transportation equipment, $75,000; replacement of fire-alarm sys- tem, $40,000; extension of gun assembly shop building, $700,000; exten- sion of optical shop building, $300,000; improvement of electric system, $200,000; improvement of electric generating facilities, $250,000; extension of proof shop building, $300,000. Navy Yard, Washington (Alexandria, Virginia), District of Colum- Washingon (A^e- bia: Extension of torpedo-shop building, $145 000. and, V .. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland: Additional facilities, Annapis Md $1,985,000. Naval station, Guam: Quarters and accessories and services for Guam. officers, $277,000. Naval station, Key West, Florida: Rehabilitation of submarine-base Key we st, Fa. facilities and construction of marine railway, $1,250,000. Naval station, Guantanamo, Cuba: Extension of medical storehouse a amo and dispensary, $15,000. Naval station, Tutuila, Samoa: Dispensary building and accessories, TutuiI., Samoa. $180,000. Fleet-operating base, Guantanamo, Cuba: Dredging and moorings, (,Cal .ta mo. $2,000,000; shore facilities, including berthing, fleet landings, recrea- tion facilities, power and service lines, $3,000,000. Naval operating base, Norfolk, Virginia: Storage for experimen- NorfolkVa. tal-type boats and landing gear, $400,000; medical-supply storehouse and accessories, $275,000. Submarine base, Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands: Diesel-oil stor- V o, Arb se age, $30,000; administration building and accessories, $60,000; bache- lor officers' quarters and accessories, $75,000; dispensary building and accessories, $50,000; storehouse and accessories, $125,000; extension of tender pier, $60,000; bulkhead and piers. $200,000; miscellaneous small buildings and accessories, $71,000. Submarine base, Norfolk, Virginia: Replacement of finger piers, Norolk, a. $300,000; rehabilitation of north breakwater, $135,000; dredging, $150,000; battery charging and electric service, $100,000; storage buildings and accessories, $65,000. Pearl Harbor, T.H Submarine base, Pearl Harbor, Territory of Hawaii: Addition to battery overhaul building, $45,000; addition to utility-shop building, $55,000; extension of quaywall, $560,000; individual storehouse and accessories, $30,000; improvement of battery charging and electric distribution, $278,000.