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san Diego, Calit. Destroyer base, San Diego, California: Brig and marine guard building and accessories, $80,000; barracks and mess hall building and accessories, $450,000; shop buildings, $220,000; cruiser graving dry- dock and accessories, $3,000,000; improvement of power plant and dis- tributing systems, $130,000; temporary storehouses, $500,000. Washington, D. C . Naval Observatory, Washington, District of Columbia: Instrument repair and storage building and accessories, $250,000. reat Lakes, Naval training station, Great Lakes, Illinois: Outside power con- nection to public-utility company, $25,000; improvement of power ot, p.3. plant, $450,000; improvement of sewage-disposal system, $125,000; and temporary construction and facilities for additional enlisted per- sonnel, $1,750,000. Newport, R.I Naval Training Station, Newport, Rhode Island: Temporary con- struction and facilities for additional enlisted personnel, $800,000. Norfolk, Va. Naval Training Station, Norfolk, Virginia: Temporary construc- tion and facilities for additional enlisted personnel, $1,950,000. an Diego, Calif. Naval Training Station, San Diego, California: Temporary con- struction and facilities for additional enlisted personnel, $1,250,000. Balboa, c. Z. Naval ammunition depot, Balboa, Canal Zone: Road to ammunition depot, $85,000; quarters and accessories for married enlisted men, $190,000; quarters and accessories for officer, $14,500. Charleston, .C. Naval ammunition depot, Charleston, South Carolina: Ammunition storage facilities, $1,500,000. Baldwin, N.Y. Naval ordnance plant, Baldwin, New York: Ammunition loading building, $53,000. Dahlgren va. Naval proving ground, Dahlgren, Virginia: Extension of garage, $20,000; extension of powerhouse, $75,000; locomotive crane shed, $20,000; small-boat harbor, Piney Point, $25,000; carpenter-shop build- ing, $25,000; transfer tide bridge, $6,000; extension of service lines to hangar, $35,000; barracks building for marine guard, $25,000; quarters and accessories for officers, $75,000; quarters and accessories for mar- ried enlisted men, $90,000; purchase of land for spotting ranges, $12,000. Fort Mifflin, Pa. Naval ammunition depot, Fort Mifflin, Pennsylvania: Improvement of fire protection, $36,000; projectile loading plant building, $45,000; extension of electric system, $40,000. Hawthorne,Nev. Naval ammunition depot, Hawthorne, Nevada: Mine filling plant buildings, $400,000; loading platform and siding, $150,000; torpedo storehouse and accessories, $90,000; quarters and accessories for officers, $20,000; quarters and accessories for married enlisted men and civilians, $150,000; alterations to quarters buildings, $22,000. Indlanhead, Md. Naval powder factory Indianhead, Maryland: Marine barracks and accessories, $125,000; additional power-plant facilities, $300,000; D loading plant building and equipment, $300,000; quarters and acces- sories for officers, $30,000. Iona Island, N. Y. Naval ammunition depot, Iona Island, New York: Extension of main wharf, $70,000; storage building, $150,000; sewage-disposal system, $34,000; extension of D loading plant, $60,000; outside power connec- tion to public-utilities company, $30,000. Keyport, Wash. Naval torpedo station, Keyport, Washington: Auxiliary electric- power facilities, $35,000; maintenance building and accessories, $100,000; extension of torpedo storehouse, $95,000; extension of garage, $25,000; torpedo-shop building and accessories, $275,000; paving and street lighting, $100,000. Nake Denmark, Naval ammunition depot, Lake Denmark, New Jersey: Equipment- storage building, $15,000; improvement of power plant, $62,000; improvement of steam-distribution system, $15,000. Mare Island, Calif. Naval ammunition depot, Mare Island, California: Mine-handling facilities, including assembly plant, $695,000; guardhouse and barracks, $100,000; pier, $525,000; fencing, $80,000. 878 PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 717-SEPT. 9, 1940 [54 STAT.