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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG., 3n SESS.-CH. 717-SEPT. 9 , 1940 879 Naval torpedo station, Newport, Rhode Island: Extension of fuze Newport, R.I. and primer building, $100,000; administration building, $280,000; extension of dispensary building, $20,000; extension of sea wall, $55,000; magazine buildings, $5,000; coal-handling equipment for power plant, $50,000; reconstruction of yardcraft building and improve- ment of water front, $105,000; alcohol and paint storehouse, $20,000; torpedo assembly plant and accessories, $750,000; extension of admin- istration building, $200,000; extension of barracks for school for torpedo men, $150,000. Naval ammunition depot, Oahu, Territory of Hawaii: Storehouse Oahu, T .H . for inert materials, $25,000. Naval ammunition depot, Puget Sound, Washington: Bag filling PugetSound,Wash. house, $100,000; extension of railroad tracks, $50,000; marine bar- racks building and accessories, $120,000; emergency power plant, $50,000; replacement of pier, $200,000; quarters and accessories for officer, $14,500. Naval ammunition depot, Saint Juliens Creek, Virginia: Fire- vaintJuliensareek, proof ceilings for magazine building, $70,000; powder bag filling house, $100,000; tracer loading building, $100,000; projectile and case loading facilities, $250,000; explosive-loading plant, $200,000; storage building, $125,000. Naval mine depot, Yorktown, Virginia: Roads and railroad bar- Yorktown, va. ricades, $125,000; TNT reclamation plant, $100,000; mine-assembly building, $150,000; quarters and accessories for officers, $29,000. Additional ordnance facilities at naval air stations, $1,697,000. Navalairstations. Naval air station, Alameda, California: Seaplane ramp, $60,000; Aaneda calif. improvement of, and services for, outlying fields, $150,000. Naval air station, Anacostia, District of Columbia: Paint and oil Anacostia' D-C storehouse, $6,000; outside power connection to public-utility company, $10,000. Naval air station, Cape May, New Jersey: Improvement of water CapeMay, N.- J front, $350,000. Naval air station, Coco Solo, Canal Zone: Relocation of VJ CcoSoloC.Z . Hangar, building numbered 123, $15,000; additional sea wall, filling, and grading, $225,000; seaplane hangar, $450,000; additional paving and services around hangar, $160,000; additional gasoline storage, $260,000; aircraft storehouse, $285,000; extension of railroad tracks, $75,000; barracks and messhall building, $900,000; aircraft opera- tions building, $125,000; garage, $60,000; additional gasoline storage, $620,000. Marine aviation facilities, Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands: V('lhr' 1 '"'l, Amaiio. Gasoline storage, pump house, and supply lines, $60,000; recreation facilities, including buildings, $15,000; filling lagoon, $120,000; addi- tional housing for naval personnel, $92,000; seaplane hangar, $250,000; bomb sight storehouse and shop building, $5,000. Naval air station, Guantanamo, Cuba: Torpedo and bomb sight cuba.a an am o. storehouse and shop, $25,000; extension of barracks building $150,000; landplane hangars, McCalla Hill, $325,000; extension of runways, McCalla Hill, $75,000. Naval air station, Jacksonville, Florida: Additional gasoline Jacksonville,Fla. storage, $260,000. Naval air station, Kaneohe Bay, Territory of Hawaii: Grading KaneheBayT.H . and surfacing landing mat, $563,000; additional gasoline storage, $1,400,000; purchase of land, $500,000. Naval air station, Kodiak, Alaska: Seaplane ramp and taxiway, odiak, Alaska. Saint Paul Harbor, $250,000; additional gasoline storage, $255,000. Naval air station, Midway Island: Additional gasoline storage, Miday island. $100,000; clearing, grading, and surfacing landing field, $300,000.