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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 717-SEPT. 9 , 1940 Pearl Harbor, T.H . Naval air station, Pearl Harbor, Territory of Hawaii: Improve- ment of landing field, $250,000; connecting pier to mooring F-6, $130,000; extension and improvement of roads, $75,000; aircraft store- house, $250,000; laundry building and equipment, $75,000; practice- bomb storage, $10,000; first-aid and decontamination station, $15,000; landplane hangars, $500,000; warming-up platform and parking area, $340,000; seaplane ramps and parking area, $1,054,000; recreation facilities, including buildings, $175,000; fleet-squadrons storehouse, $60,000. Aneyw,pF. . Naval air station, Key West, Florida: Purchase of land, $125,000. Norfolk, a. Naval air station, Norfolk, Virginia: Fleet-squadrons storehouse, $75,000; extension and improvement of engine-test building, $135,500. Pensacola, Fla. Naval air station, Pensacola, Florida: Extension of aircraft store- house, $150,000; outside power connections to public utility company, $55,000. Quantico,Va. Marine Corps Flying Field, Quantico, Virginia: Extension of motor-test building, $70,000; extension of flying field northward, $110,000; guardhouse and accessories, $9,000; extension of aircraft storehouse, $175,000; barracks and mess hall, Brown Field, $325,000. an uan, . . Naval air station, San Juan, Puerto Rico: Additional gasoline stor- age, $264,000; replacement of quarantine facilities, $375,000. Seattle, Wash. Naval air station, Seattle, Washington: Grading and improvement of outlying fields, $150,000; additional gasoline storage, $100,000. Sitka, Alaska. Naval air station, Sitka, Alaska: Extension of seaplane hangar, $500,000. squantum Mass. Reserve aviation base, Squantum, Massachusetts: Dredging for sea- plane approaches, $117,000; dredging ship channel to present eighteen- foot channel, $94,000. Philadelphia, a. Naval Aircraft Factory, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Improvement of water front and extension of flying field, $190,000. Parris Island, S.. Air activities, marine barracks, Parris Island, South Carolina: Landplane hangar, $250,000; road from marine barracks to Page Field, $35,000. Brooklyn, N. Y. Medical supply depot, Brooklyn, New York: Extension of medical- supply storehouse, including purchase of land, $351,000. Great Lakes, n. Naval hospital, Great Lakes, Illinois: Additional ward buildings, $340,000. uam . Naval hospital, Guam: Isolation and tuberculosis wards, $75,000. Mare Island, Calif. Naval hospital, Mare Island, California: Administration and sub- sistence building $475,000. Norfolk, Va. Naval hospital, Norfolk, Virginia: Additional wards and hospital facilities, $669,000. Pearl Harbor T. H . Naval hospital, Pearl Harbor, Territory of Hawaii: Medical-supply storehouse, $275,000. Pensacola, Fa. Naval hospital, Pensacola, Florida: Additional ward buildings, $350,000; barracks and accessories for corpsmen, $75,000; quarters and accessories for nurses, $75,000. Annapolis, Md. Naval radio station, Annapolis, Maryland: Additional facilities, including buildings, quarters, and services, $140,000. asbridge sland Naval radio station, Bainbridge Island, Washington: Radio facilities, including buildings and purchase of land, $75,000. Balboa, C. Z . Naval radio station, Balboa, Canal Zone: Radio-receiving station, including buildings and accessories, $650,000. ADk t ch Harbor, Naval radio station, Dutch Harbor, Alaska: Additional radio facili- ties, including buildings and accessories, $30,500. Eureka, Calif. Naval radio station, Eureka, California: Quarters and accessories, $15,000. Folly ind, s. C. Naval radio-direction-finder station, Folly Island, South Carolina: Reconstruction of station at new location, $75,000. 880 [54 STAT.