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882 Continued employ- ment of personnel. Ante, p. 282. PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 717-SEPT. 9 , 1940 [54 STAT. or downward by an amount not to exceed 10 per centum, but the aggregate of all such limits of cost shall not be exceeded. The Secretary of the Navy is hereby authorized to continue the employment, in the District of Columbia and elsewhere, of such employees now carried on the rolls as will be required for the prepa- ration of plans and specifications and administrative work in con- nection with the public-works and public-utilities projects mentioned in this Act. BUREAU OF AERONAUTICS Plant expansion, Aviation, Navy, including plant expansions and facilities in private etc. plants and outfits for messes of aviation cadets and bachelor officers Contracts for new at air stations, $180,000,000: Provided,That in addition to the amount aircraft,etc. herein appropriated, the Secretary of the Navy may prior to July 1, 1941, enter into contracts for production and purchase of new aircraft and equipment, spare parts, and accessories in an amount not to exceed tNonrigid lighter- $375,000,000: Provided further, That not to exceed $1,000,000 of the total amount herein appropriated and available for contractual obli- gation may be used for the procurement of nonrigid lighter-than-air Transferoffunds. craft: Providedfurther, That the Secretary of the Treasury is author- ized and directed, upon the request of the Secretary of the Navy, to transfer not to exceed in the aggregate $300,000 from this appropria- tion to the appropriations "Pay, subsistence, and transportation, Navy", and "Pay, Marine Corps", to cover authorized traveling expenses of officers and enlisted men in connection with flying new airplanes from contractor's works to assigned station or ship, includ- ing travel to contractor's works and return of personnel to stations of duty, and the amount so transferred shall be in addition to any limi- tations contained in the appropriations "Pay, subsistence, and trans- portation, Navy", and "Pay, Marine Corps". Ante, p. 283 . Ante, p. 286 . Proviso. Authority to exceed statutory limit. Ante, p. 286 . Construction and machinery. 48 Stat. 503 . 34U. S. C. §§494- 497; Supp. V, § 496. 34 U. 8. C., Supp. V, § 498-498k. Ante, p. 394. Ante, p. 779. MARINE CORPS General expenses, Marine Corps, $7,000,000. ALTERATIONS TO NAVAL VESSELS Alterations to naval vessels, including the acquisition and conversion of vessels for naval auxiliaries of all kinds, $75,000,000, to remain avail- able until expended: Provided, That the Secretary of the Navy is authorized to exceed the statutory limit in conversion of vessels con- verted with these funds. REPLACEMENT OF NAVAL VESSELS Construction and machinery: On account of hulls and outfits of vessels and machinery of vessels heretofore authorized (and appro- priated for in part), for the necessary tools, equipment, and facilities in naval establishments or private plants for shipbuilding and for the commencement of one hundred and nine thousand three hundred tons of combatant vessels authorized by the Act of March 27, 1934 (48 Stat. 501), eight auxiliary vessels authorized by the Act approved May 17, 1938 (52 Stat. 401-403), seventy-five thousand tons of auxiliary vessels authorized by the Act approved June 14, 1940 (Public, Numbered 629, Seventy-sixth Congress (H. R. 8026)), and one million three hundred and twenty-five thousand tons of combatant vessels, one hundred thou- sand tons of auxiliary vessels, and patrol craft, authorized by the Act approved July 19, 1940 (Public, Numbered 757, Seventy-sixth Con- gress), $93,000,000, to remain available until expended.