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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 722-SEPT. 18, 1940 Provisos. Application of addi- tional provisions. Authorization un- necessary if extension order in effect. 37 Stat. 567. 49U.S.C.§5(21). 41 Stat. 483. 49 U.S. C. §6 (6). Schedules. Ante, p . 899. Form and manner of filing. Repeal. 41 Stat. 483. 49 U.S. C. 6 (11)- (12). Through routes. Jurisdictionof Com- mission. 41 Stat. 483. 49U.S.C.§6(13). Arrangements with water carriers in for- eign, etc., trade. 41 Stat.484. 49 U.S. C.§ 12(1). Inquiries and re- portson management. Provided, That if the transaction or interest sought to be entered into, continued, or acquired is within the scope of paragraph (2) (a), the provisions of paragraph (2) shall be applicable thereto in addition to the provisions of this paragraph: And provided further, That no such authorization shall be necessary if the carrier having the ownership, lease, operation, control, or interest has, prior to the date this section as amended becomes effective, obtained an order of extension under the provisions of paragraph (21) of this section, as in effect prior to such date, and such order is still in effect." AMENDMENTS TO SECTION 6 SEC. 8. (a) Paragraph (6) of section 6 of the Interstate Commerce Act, as amended (which relates to the Commission's authority with respect to schedules of carriers subject to part I), is amended to read as follows: "(6) The schedules required by this section to be filed shall be pub- lished, filed, and posted in such form and manner as the Commission by regulation shall prescribe; and the Commission is authorized to reject any schedule filed with it which is not in accordance with this section and with such regulations. Any schedule so rejected by the Commission shall be void and its use shall be unlawful." (b) Paragraphs (11) and (12) of such section 6 (which require any common carrier subject to part I to furnish, on written request, a written statement of the rate applicable to a described shipment, and which require a common carrier by railroad to keep posted in every freight station the name of a resident agent), are hereby repealed. (c) Paragraph (13) of such section (which relates to the jurisdiction of the Commission as to through routes, joint rates, and other matters in connection with certain combination rail and water transportation), is further amended- (1) by striking out "(13)" and inserting in lieu thereof "(11)"; (2) by repealing subparagraph (b) thereof; (3) by striking out "(c)" in subparagraph (c) thereof and inserting in lieu thereof "(b)"; and (4) by repealing subparagraph (d) thereof. (d) Such section 6 is further amended by inserting at the end thereof a new paragraph as follows: "(12) If any common carrier subject to this Act enters into arrange- ments with any water carrier operating from a port in the United States to a foreign country, through the Panama Canal or otherwise, for the handling of through business between interior points of the United States and such foreign country, the Commission may by order require such common carrier to enter into similar arrangements with any or all other lines of steamships operating from said port to the same foreign country." AMENDMENTS TO SECTIONS 12 AND 13 SEw. 9 . (a) The provisions of paragraph (1) of section 12 of the Interstate Commerce Act, as amended, down to and including the second semicolon therein, are amended to read as follows: "(1) The Commission shall have authority, in order to perform the duties and carry out the objects for which it was created, to inquire into and report on the management of the business of all common carriers subject to the provisions of this part, and to inquire into and report on the management of the business of persons controlling, controlled by, or under a common control with, such carriers, to the extent that the business of such persons is related to the management of the busi- ness of one or more such carriers, and the Commission shall keep [54 STAT.