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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 722-SEPT. 18 , 1940 any investigation of any such accident, shall be admitted as evidence, or used for any other purpose, in any suit or action for damages growing out of any matter mentioned in such report or investigation." AMENDMENTS TO SECTIONS 221 AND 222 Service of notice, SEO. 25. (a) Subsection (a) of section 221 of the Interstate Com- 49 Stat. 563. merce Act, as amended (which relates to the designation of an agent 21 s(.a).,suppv, to receive service, and the making of service), is amended by adding at the end thereof a new sentence as follows: "In proceedings before the Commission involving the lawfulness of rates, fares, charges, classifications, or practices, service of notice upon an attorney in fact of a carrier who has filed a tariff or schedule in behalf of such carrier shall be deemed to be due and sufficient service upon the carrier." Effective date and (b) Subsection (b) of such section 221 (which relates to the time of duration of orders. 49 Stat. s4. taking effect of orders of the Commission under part II) is amended by §321 (b). c upp inserting after the words "within such reasonable time" a comma and the following: "not less than thirty days,". 49 Sta sup.v . (c) Subsection (d) of section 222 of such Act, as amended (which §322 (d). imposes penalties for unlawful disclosure of information by a special agent or examiner), is amended to read as follows: Unlawful disclo- "(d) Any special agent, accountant, or examiner who knowingly and willfully divulges any fact or information which may come to his knowledge during the course of any examination or inspection made under authority of section 220, except as he may be directed by the Commission or by a court or judge thereof, shall be guilty of a mis- demeanor and shall be subject, upon conviction in any court of the Penalty. United States of competent jurisdiction, to a fine of not more than $500 or imprisonment for not exceeding six months, or both." 49 st8: pp.v (d) Subsection (g) of such section 222 (which imposes penalties §322 (g). for failure or refusal to make reports, keep accounts, and so forth) is amended to read as follows: pore to make re "(g) Any motor carrier, broker, or other person, or any officer, agent, employee, or representative thereof, who shall willfully fail or refuse to make a report to the Commission as required by this part, or to make specific and full, true, and correct answer to any question within thirty days from the time it is lawfully required by the Commission so to do, or to keep accounts, records, and memoranda in the form and manner prescribed by the Commission, or shall knowingly and will- fully falsify, destroy, mutilate, or alter any such report, account, False reports. record, or memorandum, or shall knowingly and willfully file with the Commission any false report, account, record, or memorandum, or shall knowingly and willfully neglect or fail to make full, true, and correct entries in such accounts, records, or memoranda of all facts and transactions appertaining to the business of the carrier, or person required under this part to keep the same, or shall knowingly and will- Pnatfully keep any accounts, records, or memoranda contrary to the rules, Penalty. regulations, or orders of the Commission with respect thereto, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof be sub- " Keep"and"kept." ject for each offense to a fine of not more than $5,000. As used in this subsection, the words 'keep' and 'kept' shall be construed to mean made, prepared, or compiled, as well as retained." NEW SECTION RELATING TO ALLOWANCES TO SHPPERs 49 Stat. 566 . SEc. 26. (a) Part II of the Interstate Commerce Act, as amended, is amended by adding after section 224 the following new section: "A LOWANIC(S TO SHPPEBS FOR TRANSPORTATION SEBVICES to ip t "SrC. 225. If the owner of property transported under this part directly or indirectly renders any service connected with such trans- [54 STAT.