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54 STAT.] 76TH CONG., 3D SESS.--CH. 722-SEPT. 18 , 1940 portation, or furnishes any instrumentality used therein, the charge and allowance therefor shall be published in tariffs or schedules filed m the manner provided in this part and shall be no more than is just and reasonable; and the Commission may, after hearing on a com- plaint or on its own initiative, determine what is a reasonable charge as the maximum to be paid by the carrier or carriers for the services so rendered or for the use of the instrumentality so furnished, and fix the same by appropriate order." (b) Sections 225, 226, and 227 of such Act, as amended, are amended by renumbering such sections as 226, 227, and 228, respec- tively, and such section renumbered as 228 is further amended by striking out "(a)". INVESTIGATION OF NEED FOR REGULATING SIZES AND WEIGHT OF MOTOR VEHICLES SEC. 27 . The Interstate Commerce Commission is authorized and directed to expedite the investigation of the need for Federal regula- tion of the sizes and weight of motor vehicles, authorized by section 226 of the Interstate Commerce Act, as amended, and to report to Congress thereon at the earliest practicable date. 929 Renumbering, etc., of sections. 49 Stat. 66. 49 U. S. C., Bupp. V, §! 325-327 . Regulation of sizes and weight of motor vehicles. 49 Stat. 66 . 49 U.S . C., Supp.V, §325. TITLE II-REGULATION OF WATER CARRIERS IN INTERSTATE AND FOREIGN COMMERCE PART m OF INTERSTATE COMMERCE ACT SEC. 201. The Interstate Commerce Act, as amended, is further amended by adding after part II thereof the following part III: "PART III "'SHORT TITLE "SEC. 301. This part, divided into sections according to the fol- PartmoftheInter. lowing table of contents, may be cited as part III of the Interstate state ommrce Act. Commerce Act: "TABLE OF CONTENTS Sec. 301. Short title. Sec. 302. Definitions. Sec. 303 . Application of provisions; exemptions. Sec. 304 . General powers and duties of the Commission. Sec. 305 . Rates, fares, charges, and practices; through routes. Sec. 306 . Tariffs and schedules. Sec. 307. Commission's authority over rates, and so forth. Sec. 308. Reparation awards; limitation of actions. Sec. 309. Certificates of public convenience and necessity and permits. Sec. 310. Dual operations under certificates and permits. Sec. 311 . Temporary operations. Sec. 312. Transfer of certificates and permits. Sec. 313. Accounts, records, and reports. Sec. 314 . Allowances to shippers for transportation services. Sec. 315 . Notices, orders, and service of process. Sec. 316 . Enforcement and procedure. Sec. 317. Unlawful acts and penalties. Sec. 318. Collection of rates and charges. Sec. 319. Employees. Sec. 320 . Repeals. Sec. 321 . Transfer of employees, records, property, and appropriations. Sec. 322. Existing orders, rules, tariffs, and so forth; pending matters Sec. 323. Separability of provisions. "DEFINIrIONS "SEC. 302. For the purposes of this part- "(a) The term 'person' includes any individual, firm, copartner- ship, corporation, company, association, joint stock association, and any trustee, receiver, assignee, or personal representative thereof. 193470°-41 --P. I -59 "Person."