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PUBLIC LAWS-CH. 179-JUNE 30, 1943 Distinctive equip- ments. 32 Stat. 114; 35 Stat. 412; 42 Stat. 661. 32 Stat. 114; 35 Stat. 412. Honsing of vehicles. Tractors and trailer trucks. Maintenance re- striction. and material necessary for same, and for incidental expenses per- taining thereto; material, machinery, and tools necessary for the manufacture and repair of such other equipment for the Postal Serv- ice as may be deemed expedient; accident prevention; for the expenses of maintenance and repair of the mail bag equipment shops building and equipment, including fuel, light, power, and miscellaneous sup- plies and services; maintenance of grounds; for compensation to labor employed in the equipment shops and in the operation, care, mainte- nance, and protection of the equipment shops building, grounds, and equipment, $1,650,000, of which not to exceed $626,000 may be expended for personal services in the District of Columbia: Provided, That out of this appropriation the Postmaster General is authorized to use as much of the sum, not exceeding $15,000, as may be deemed necessary for the purchase of material and the manufacture in the equipment shops of such small quantities of distinctive equipments as may be required by other executive departments; and for service in Alaska, Puerto Rico, Philippine Islands, Hawaii, or other island possessions. Rent, light, fuel, and water: For rent, light, fuel, and water, for first-, second-, and third-class post offices, and the cost of advertising for lease proposals for such offices, $10,350,000. Pneumatic-tube service, New York City: For rental of not exceed- ing twenty-eight miles of pneumatic tubes, hire of labor, communi- cation service, electric power, and other expenses for transmission of mail in the city of New York including the Borough of Brooklyn, $535,000: Provided,That the provisions of the Acts of April 21, 1902, May 27, 1908, and June 19, 1922 (39 U. S . C . 423). relating to con- tracts for the transmission of mail by pneumatic tubes or other similar devices shall not be applicable hereto. Pneumatic-tube service, Boston: For the rental of not exceeding two miles of pneumatic tubes, not including labor and power in operating the same, for the transmission of mail in the city of Boston. Massachusetts, $24,000: Provided,That the provisions not inconsistent herewith of the Acts of April 21, 1902 (39 U. S. C . 423), and May 27, 1908 (39 U. S . C . 423), relating to the transmission of mail by pneumatic tubes or other similar devices shall be applicable hereto. Vehicle service: For vehicle service; the hire of vehicles; the rental of garage facilities; the purchase, maintenance, and repair of motor vehicles, including the repair of vehicles owned by, or under the control of, units of the National Guard and departments and agencies of the Federal Government where repairs are made necessary because of utilization of such vehicles in the Postal Service; accident preven- tion; the hire of supervisors, clerical assistance, mechanics, drivers, garagemen, and such other employees as may be necessary in provid- ing vehicles and vehicle service for use in the collection, transporta- tion, delivery, and supervision of the mail, and United States official mail and messenger service, $17,200,000: Provided, That the Post- master General may, in his disbursement of this appropriation, apply a part thereof to the leasing of quarters for the housing of Government-owned motor vehicles at a reasonable annual rental for a term not exceeding ten years: Provided further, That the Post- master General, during the fiscal year 1944 may purchase and main- tain from the appropriation "Vehicle Service" such tractors and trailer trucks as may be required in the operation of the vehicle service: Provided further, That no part of this appropriation shall be expended for maintenance or repair of motor-propelled passenger- carrying vehicles for use in connection with the administrative work of the Post Office Department in the District of Columbia. 268 [57 STAT.