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57 STAT.] 78TH CONG., 1ST SESS.-CH. 179-JUNE 30, 1943 lopes and newspaper wrappers, and for expenses of agency, $5,000,000. Indemnities, domestic mail: For payment of limited indemnity for the injury or loss of pieces of domestic registered matter, insured and collect-on-delivery mail, and for failure to remit collect-on -delivery charges, $750,000. Unpaid money orders more than one year old: For payment of domestic money orders after one year from the last day of the month of issue of such orders, $190,000. OFFICE OF THE FOURTH ASSISTANT POSTMASTER GENERAL Post office stationery, equipment, and supplies: For stationery for the Postal Service, including the money-order and registry system; and also for the purchase of supplies for the Postal Savings System, including rubber stamps, canceling devices, certificates, envelopes, and stamps for use in evidencing deposits, and free penalty envelopes; and for the reimbursement of the Secretary of the Treasury for expenses incident to the preparation, issue, and registration of the bonds authorized by the Act of June 25, 1910 (39 U. S . C . 760); for miscellaneous equipment and supplies, including the purchase and repair of furniture, package boxes, posts, trucks, baskets, satchels, straps, letter-box paint, baling machines, perforating machines, stamp vending and postage meter devices, duplicating machines, printing presses, directories, cleaning supplies, and the manufacture, repair, and exchange of equipment, the erection and painting of letter-box equipment, and for the purchase and repair of presses and dies for use in the manufacture of letter boxes; for postmarking, rating, money-order stamps, and electrotype plates and repairs to same; metal, rubber, and combination type, dates and figures, type holders, ink pads for canceling and stamping purposes, and for the purchase of time recorders, letter balances, scales (exclusive of dormant or built-in platform scales in Federal buildings), test weights, and mis- cellaneous articles purchased and furnished directly to the Postal Service, including complete equipment and furniture for post offices in leased and rented quarters; for the purchase (including exchange), repair, and replacement of arms and miscellaneous items necessary for the protection of the mails; for miscellaneous expenses in the preparation and publication of post-route maps and rural delivery maps or blueprints, including tracing for photolithographic repro- duction- for other expenditures necessary and incidental to post offices of the frst, second, and third classes, and offices of the fourth class having or to have rural delivery service and for letter boxes; for the purchase of atlases and geographical and technical works not to exceed $1,500; for wrapping twine and tying devices; for expenses incident to the shipment of supplies, including hardware, boxing, packing, and not exceeding $63,800 for the pay of employees in connection therewith in the District of Columbia; for rental, purchase, exchange, and repair of canceling machines and motors, mechanical mail-han- dling apparatus, accident prevention, and other labor-saving devices, including cost of power in rented buildings and miscellaneous expenses of installation and operation of same, including not to exceed $35,000 for salaries of thirteen traveling mechanicians, and for traveling expenses, $3,500,000: Provided. That the Postmaster General may authorize the sale to the public of post-route maps and rural delivery maps or blueprints at the cost of printing and 10 per centum thereof added. Equipment shops, Washington, District of Columbia: For the pur- chase, manufacture, and repair of mail bags and other mail con- tainers and attachments, mail locks, keys, chains, tools, machinery, 267 Postal Savings Sys- tem, supplies. 36 Stat. 817. Miscellaneous equipment and sup- plies. Post-route maps. Labor-saving de- vices. ale of maps. Pod, p. 2a.