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INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENTS OTHER THAN TREATIES [58 STAT. Acquisitionoflands. 13. The Republic of Panama shall institute and prosecute to com- pletion, without expense to the funds provided by the United States or the credits made available by the Export-Import Bank of Wash- ington, D.C., all necessary proceedings for the expropriation, con- demnation, acquisition, or purchase of lands required for the con- struction of the road, including any rectification of the line or grade of the road. Reimbursement. 14. Any expenditures properly made under this agreement by the Public Roads Administration of the Federal Works Agency from its regular funds and not provided from the $1,500,000 appropriation herein above referred to shall be reimbursed said Administration by the Government of Panama from funds available for the work, pro- vided that such expenditures shall have been made at the request or with the approval of the Highway Department of Panama. This requirement shall not apply to the salary and expenses of the engineer of the Public Roads Administration referred to in paragraph 3 hereof. Disbursement of 15. The disbursement of all funds received by the Republic of funds. Panama under the contract of February 21, 1940, referred to in para- graph 1 hereof, shall be made by the Highway Department of the Republic of Panama in agreement with the representative of the Public Roads Administration. Since the charter of the Export- Import Bank expires June 30, 1941, the funds available from this source will be expended, in so far as may be practicable and efficient, prior to that date. The additional funds provided by the Government of the United States shall be expended by the Public Roads Adminis- tration in agreement with the representative of the Republic of Panama. Custody of 1quw an ment, etc., upon com 16. Upon completion of the work all remaining tools and equip- pletionofwork. ment, as well as all materials and supplies unused, which have been purchased from the appropriation made available by the United States, referred to in paragraph 2 hereof, shall remain the property of the United States, and all remaining tools and equipment, and all materials and supplies unused at the termination of the work which shall have been procured from other funds or from funds made avail- able through credits from the Export-Import Bank of Washington, shall be the property of the Republic of Panama. xemp tison fom 17. The Republic of Panama shall enact legislation and take such etc. other action as may be necessary to exempt from the payment of cus- toms duties, taxes and imposts of all kinds, the materials, supplies, equipment and tools required for use in this construction. Liability. 18. The Republic of Panama shall assume all liability of any nature or kind arising out of or in connection with the work provided for herein, resulting from the operations conducted under this agreement within the jurisdiction of the Republic of Panama. 1602